MY NEWS PUNCH F. DEJAHANG ➜⇢➤14-03-2020 ➽ ➜⇢➤Mainstream Vs. Alternative Media Page 16/ PART 6


MY NEWS PUNCH F. DEJAHANG ➜⇢➤14-03-2020    

           ➜⇢➤Mainstream Vs. Alternative Media Page16 -PART 6


For one, the information industry can easily muddy the waters of the understanding, thanks to their arsenal of weapons of mass confusion.’

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➜⇢ ➽ Ahlul Bayt News Agency (ABNA): Iranian Health Minister Saeed Namaki said the country’s national mobilization plan to contain the novel coronavirus has been fully embraced by the World Health Organization’s experts.

In an interview with IRINN TV channel on Thursday, Namaki said Iran has briefed 12 senior experts of the WHO on the national mobilization plan for addressing the coronavirus.

The WHO experts have strongly welcomed the initiative and announced that such a strategy could be registered as a successful model in Iran, he added.

The minister said if the free movement of suspicious cases of coronavirus in the society is prevented and the necessary training is provided, the chain of the contagious disease will be cut off.

Iran’s strategy in addressing COVID-19 involves an increase in the rapidity of detection of the infected cases, Namaki stated, adding that the number of nationwide laboratories has been raised from 3 to 50 and will reach 70 by the next week to that end.’s-strategy-against-coronavirus-welcomed-by-who-health-minister_1016938.html

➜⇢ ➽   UK Prince: Trump has “blood on his hands”

AhlulBayt News Agency (ABNA): Britain’s Prince Harry has blasted US President Donald Trump during a hoax call from pranksters, saying he has “blood on his hands” and is one of the “sick people” running the world, according to British media.

Russian hoaxers impersonating Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg and her father, Svante, telephoned the prince on two separate occasions earlier this year at his luxury home in Vancouver Island, Canada, according to The Sun newspaper.

The two phone conversations between Harry and Russian hoaxers Vladimir Kuznetsov and Alexey Stolyarov took place on New Year’s Eve and January 22, according to the British newspaper.

Harry reportedly slammed Trump for his environmental policies, stating, “I think the mere fact that Donald Trump is pushing the coal industry is so big in America, he has blood on his hands.”

“Unfortunately the world is being led by some very sick people so the people like yourselves and younger generation are the ones that are going to make all the difference,” he added.

➜⇢ ➽ ➤ Iran’s Defense Ministry unveils home-made advanced thermal camera amid coronavirus outbreak Iran’s Defense Ministry has unveiled an advanced home-made thermal camera which can be useful to detect those having fever as a symptom of being infected with the new coronavirus.

Deputy Defense Minister Brigadier General Shahrokh Shahram said on Wednesday in the unveiling ceremony that experts of the body have gained the know-how to domestically produce these advanced thermal cameras.

He said that the cameras have been completely designed by domestic technology and software through mobilizing all scientific capacities, adding that the production line has opened.

The technology used in the camera enables it to determine the body temperature instantly and it can also screen several individuals at the same time, said Shahram, noting that this can be useful as an initial screening for coronavirus in public places.

He said that the cameras have been tested successfully in several airports and other sensitive centers and the mass production will soon start.

Shahram said that only a few countries such as the US, Japan, and China enjoy this technology.

Earlier the Defense Ministry had announced mass production of coronavirus test kits, face masks, disinfectants, ambulances, and hospital beds to help the country battle the outbreak.

According to the latest announcement on Wednesday, the COVID-19 has infected 9,000 people across the country, claiming 354 lives.

First detected in Wuhan city in central China in December, the virus has spread to more than 110 countries. More than 4,600 people have died of COVID-19 across the world, and more than 120,000 people have also been infected. About 67,000 people have also recovered from the illness, globally.’s-defense-ministry-unveils-home-made-advanced-thermal-camera-amid-coronavirus-outbreak_1016652.html

➜⇢ ➽ ➤ Sickening US Sanctions on Iran Amid Global Coronavirus Epidemic

At a time of global crisis as seen with the coronavirus epidemic, it is heartening to witness compassion and solidarity that unites all human beings.  ussia, which has so far been relatively unscathed from the disease, is reportedly sending 50,000 test kits to Iran for detecting the virus. The Islamic Republic has recorded over 300 deaths so far and there are fears of many more fatalities to come over the next few weeks as the flu-like disease spreads to all provinces.

Meanwhile, China – where the outbreak originated in December – is sending thousands of ventilators, respirators and other equipment to Italy, which has become the worst-affected country in Europe by the disease.

In stark contrast to these international humanitarian actions, the United States continues to impose crippling economic sanctions on Iran under its policy of “maximum pressure”.

Iran’s parliamentary speaker Ali Larijani this week called on the rest of the world to demand the lifting of US sanctions because they are hampering the fight against Covid-19 in Iran

➜⇢ ➽ ➤ White House Officials Discuss Market Collapse, Coronavirus with Oil Lobbyists

The coronavirus, the state of the economy, and the market topped the agenda of talks on Wednesday between lobbyists representing the oil and gas industry and White House policy staffers, CNBC cited American Petroleum Institute [API] spokeswoman Bethany Aronhalt as saying.

She added that API, known to be America’s largest trade association for the oil and gas industry, is not seeking federal aid.

Aronhalt spoke after media reports claimed on Tuesday that US President Donald Trump was mulling a federal assistance package in the form of low-interest loans to shore up the shale industry.

The White House, in turn, reportedly made it clear that they don’t want the aid to be seen as a bailout. Washington has not commented on the matter yet.

API chief executive Mike Sommers, for his part, stated that balancing the oil market remains the group’s key priority.

“What we have here is a demand shock, of course, because of coronavirus, and a supply shock, because of the decision by Russia and the Saudis to flood the market with oil”, he told Bloomberg on Tuesday.


Normalization, Next? Bahrain’s King in Secret Meeting with Netanyahu

What comes next after disclosing ‘secret’ meetings between Arab leaders and ‘Israeli’ officials?

A report stated that Bahraini King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifah had a secret meeting with Zionist Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Hungary, in the latest significant sign of warming ties between a number of Gulf littoral states and the Tel Aviv apartheid regime after years of clandestine relations.

Britain-based and Arabic-language Bahrain al-Youm news agency cited an unnamed diplomatic source, reporting that the meeting was held in April, when the 69-year-old Bahraini monarch paid a visit to the Hungarian capital city of Budapest under the guise of holding talks with the country’s President Janos Ader and strengthening bilateral relations.

The source added that the meeting was held as a preparatory event for the so-called Peace to Prosperity workshop, which opened in Bahrain on June 25 and ran through the following day.

It apparently sought to advance the economic aspects of US President Donald Trump’s controversial proposal for so-called “peace” between the ‘Israeli’ occupation regime and the Palestinians, dubbed “the deal of the century.”

The secret meeting was described as intimate, and took place while Netanyahu was on holiday with his family. The holiday was cut short for a day. Netanyahu traveled to Budapest to meet King Hamad, and then returned the same day without any media coverage, the diplomat pointed out.

➜⇢ ➽ ➤ Can travel bans prevent coronavirus’s spread? Airlines say no!

The global airline industry has been plunged into crisis as countries impose measures to slow the spread of the virus. Governments should roll back or refrain from using travel restrictions as the coronavirus is mainly being spread through local transmission rather than imported cases, a trade group of Asian airlines said.

“Given that the Covid-19 outbreak is now progressing across the globe, it is time for a fundamental rethink on travel restrictions,” the Association of Asia Pacific Airlines said in a statement, shortly before U.S. President Donald Trump announced a 30-day suspension of travel from continental Europe to the U.S.

➜⇢ ➽ ➤ America’s Water Supply Includes Unhealthy Levels of Chemicals, Pesticides and Intersexual Fish on Prozac

Scientists have discovered a hard reality when it comes to our everyday drinking water: it’s now loaded with a frightening array of contaminants from pesticides to prescription medicine — that are not filtered out and can pose all kinds of health risks. We spoke to Seth Siegel, author of Troubled Water, about how this could have happened and the dangers it poses.

Sharyl: When we’re talking about what’s in the water, what are some of the things that’s in our water that might surprise people?

Seth Siegel: Well, we know for sure that widely there are chemicals like PFOA, the active ingredient in Teflon. We know for sure this thing called PFOS which is an active ingredient in the Scotchguard that you spray on your textiles—

Sharyl: Cancer-causing chemicals?

Siegel: Yes, definitely cancer causing and endocrine disrupting, which means the fancy term for the fact that it affects your hormonal system. So pesticides and herbicides, they’re created to interfere with the reproductive life of a weed or of an insect. Well, they, that gets, that then gets washed into the water supply. We humans start to drink it. And even though it’s very small doses of it, it’s affecting us as well.

➜⇢ ➽ ➤ Trump Calls COVID-19 “Foreign Virus” as Lack of Universal Healthcare Makes the Pandemic Worse 

After downplaying the threat of coronavirus for days, President Donald Trump addressed the nation Wednesday from the Oval Office, calling COVID-19 a “foreign virus” and announcing an unprecedented travel ban from most of Europe to the U.S. He also said he will expand sick leave. This comes as Senate Republicans blocked paid sick leave legislation. Robert Pollin, distinguished university professor of economics and co-director of the Political Economy Research Institute at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, says the lack of universal healthcare in the U.S. is exacerbating the coronavirus crisis due to “the absurdity that people cannot feel confident that they are going to get medical treatment” when they need it most. In 2018, Pollin co-authored a paper titled “Economic Analysis of Medicare for All.”

➜⇢ ➽ ➤ REPORT: US Negotiates With Taliban Leaders From Pentagon’s ‘Kill or Capture’ List 

WASHINGTON, D.C./KABUL – United States national security officials are criticizing President Donald Trump for talking on the phone with Taliban leaders mentioned on the Pentagon’s secret “kill or capture” list. Officials considered the president’s deed an “unprecedented breach of protocol”, according to the Daily Beast.

➜⇢ ➽ ➤ In a Europe Closed Down by the Coronavirus the EU Opens its Doors to the US Army. Could the Defender become the Invader of Europe?


MY NEWS PUNCH F. DEJAHANG ➜⇢➤14-03-2020    

           ➜⇢➤Mainstream Vs. Alternative Media Page   14


For one, the information industry can easily muddy the waters of the understanding, thanks to their arsenal of weapons of mass confusion.’

KEY ➜⇢ MSC   ➤PHD RESEARCH, (MPhilPhD)    ➽=ALL 

➜⇢ ➽ ➤ Saudi Arabia’s Brave Women Pull Back the Curtain on Crown Prince MBS

The case of Al-Hathloul and the other women’s rights activists on trial in Saudi Arabia is a tremendous embarrassment for MBS, who has been putting an enormous effort into convincing his Western allies that he is a reformer and that the Kingdom is becoming more liberal. by Medea Benjamin and Ariel Gold  

This week, Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman (MBS), Saudi Arabia’s 34-year-old de facto ruler, was on a tear. He arrested members of his own royal family and initiated an oil price war with Russia that has sent the price of oil—and the world’s stock markets—plummeting. Behind the headlines, however, another critical event will take place in Saudi Arabia starting March 18: women’s rights activist Loujain al-Hathloul, who was arrested almost two years ago for advocating the right to drive, is due in court. The diabolical MBS wants the world to believe he is the Arab world’s liberal reformer and took credit for eventually granting women the right to drive, but he is also the one who had al-Hathloul and nine other women thrown in prison, charging them as foreign agents and spies. The imprisonment of these peaceful women activists exposes the brutal nature of MBS’s regime and the duplicity of the Western democracies that continue to support him.

➜⇢ ➽ ➤ How the New US-Afghanistan Peace Deal Rekindled a “Business Friendly Taliban”

America’s relationship with the Taliban has always been determined by how useful they are at advancing US interests in the region and the Trump administration’s recent efforts to make “peace” with the group are no exception. President Trump, who is up for re-election this year, has added another “peace” deal to his credentials, a deal that the president, his re-election campaign and his supporters have promoted as proof that Trump is willing and able to resist the U.S. foreign policy establishment and its ceaseless push to keep the U.S. embroiled in “forever wars.”  Yet, not unlike the much-criticized Israel-Palestine “peace” deal that was recently released by the Trump administration, there is more to the U.S.-Taliban “peace” deal than meets the eye. Indeed, while the deal will reduce and perhaps eventually even end the U.S.’ official military presence in Afghanistan, there is little indication that it will end the bloodshed or the country’s “shadow” economy that is awash in profits from the illegal drug trade and illegal mining.

➜⇢ ➽ ➤Who Made Coronavirus? Was It the U.S., Israel or China Itself? Who Made Coronavirus? Was It the U.S., Israel or China Itself?  The most commonly reported mainstream media account of the creation of the Coronavirus suggests that it was derived from an animal borne microorganism found in a wild bat that was consumed by an ethnic Chinese resident of Wuhan. But there appears to be some evidence to dispute that in that adjacent provinces in China, where wild bats are more numerous, have not experienced major outbreaks of the disease. Because of that and other factors, there has also been considerable speculation that the Coronavirus did not occur naturally through mutation but rather was produced in a laboratory, possibly as a biological warfare agent. Several reports suggest that there are components of the virus that are related to HIV that could not have occurred naturally. If it is correct that the virus had either been developed or even produced to be weaponized it would further suggest that its escape from the Wuhan Institute of Virology Lab and into the animal and human population could have been accidental. Technicians who work in such environments are aware that “leaks” from laboratories occur frequently.

First it started like this ➜⇢ Is bat soup a delicacy in China? We debunk a rumour on the origin of the coronavirus

➜⇢ ➽ ➤ Trump’s Oval Office coronavirus speech was a slapdash, last-minute endeavor, aides say

➜⇢ ➽ ➤ China government spokesman says U.S. army might have brought virus to China

BEIJING (Reuters) – Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian wrote on his Twitter account on Thursday that the U.S. military might have brought the coronavirus to the Chinese city of Wuhan, which has been hardest hit by the outbreak. “When did patient zero begin in US? How many people are infected? What are the names of the hospitals? It might be US army who brought the epidemic to Wuhan. Be transparent! Make public your data! US owe us an explanation!” Zhao tweeted in English. (This story corrects typo in headline to “brought” not “bought”)

➜⇢ Using Lessons Learned From Ebola, Experts Are Preparing for a Coronavirus Outbreak in Africa

The task of preparing an entire continent for a global pandemic is daunting.

➜⇢ ➽ It’s Absolute Chaos Across Europe as Trump Announces Travel Ban

Stock markets plummeted sharply again, while world leaders appear to have been blindsided.

Passengers wait in front of the desk of Air France at the Roissy Charles de Gaulle airport, north of Paris, Thursday, March 12, 2020.Thibault Camus/AP

European leaders strongly denounced President Donald Trump’s decision to ban most travel from European countries in response to the coronavirus pandemic, describing the announcement as “unilateral” and made “without consultation.” 

“The coronavirus is a global crisis, not limited to any continent and it requires cooperation rather than unilateral action,” EU Council President Charles Michel and Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said in a joint statement Thursday morning.

➜⇢ ➽ ➤  Warning: Big Brother may disrupt your PC when you click on Unable to Deport the Coronavirus, Trump Tries a Ban

The president’s national address about the pandemic substituted nativism for leadership, culminating in his pointless ban on European travel

US President Donald Trump addresses the nation from the Oval Office about the widening Coronavirus crisis on March 11, 2020 in Washington, DC. President Trump said the US will suspend all travel from Europe – except the UK – for the next 30 days. Since December 2019, Coronavirus (COVID-19) has infected more than 109,000 people and killed more than 3,800 people in 105 countries.

When President Trump authorized his first travel ban only weeks after his inauguration, he was selective with its targets. The purported goal was to mitigate foreign terrorism, but even if such an action were to work, Trump excluded the nations that produced the 9/11 hijackers. Instead, he targeted seven predominantly Muslim nations that had zero connections to his business interests. Same for the subsequent expansions of the ban, one later that year and another just last month.

Trump’s travel ban remains a nativist placebo, something to assuage those looking to blame someone who isn’t white, Christian, or American for their problems. It has the added benefit, for the president, of distracting from the kind of white supremacist violence that engenders the hatred that his politics require. A travel ban remains among Trump’s Pavlovian responses to crisis because it angers liberals, pleases his rabid base, and accomplishes very little beyond hurting people he couldn’t care less about.

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➜⇢ ➽ ➤  Fake News Starts in Washington: Perception Management and Influence Operations Manipulate Public Opinion It is perhaps unusual to have a government that has as much disregard for what most would consider to be the truth as does the current group of rascals running the United States of America. To be sure, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is as shameless a liar as has ever been seen on any public platform while the president himself appears to make things up as he goes along, particularly if a certain embellishment makes him look good. Nevertheless, it is important to recognize that lying and government have a long history, possibly going back to when the first cave dwellers elected a leader to guide the tribe on a mastodon hunt.

Lying is a traditional role for intelligence services. The Romans had a spy service run out of the imperial palace that provided military and political intelligence all across their vast empire. It included what might be called deception operations carried out to confuse enemies about intentions and capabilities. In more recent centuries, the British became masters of both spying and deception. Major influencing intelligence operations run against the United States can be credited with having led to American involvement in both world wars.

➜⇢ ➽ ➤ US now openly admits its goal in Syria is to make it ‘difficult’ for Moscow and Damascus to defeat terrorists  The State Department’s special envoy for Syria has just admitted that the US aims to defend jihadist militants in Idlib against ‘Russian aggression,’ proving once again that the swamp in Foggy Bottom is alive and well. Russia and the Syrian government “are out to get a military victory in all of Syria,” Ambassador James Jeffrey told reporters on a conference call out of Brussels on Tuesday.

Our goal is to make it very difficult for them to do that by a variety of diplomatic, military, and other actions.

To illustrate these methods, Jeffrey cited the US threat to respond “in a very savage military way” against any chemical attacks, which he described as “a favorite tactic of the Syrian regime in making advances.”This is factually untrue, since the alleged attacks always happen after Syrian Army victories, as a pretext for US intervention. 

Jeffrey also noted that there are US and coalition troops in parts of Syria – officially there to fight Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS), but in actuality “guarding” the oil fields. He tellingly described their presence as “a complication” for the Syrian government. 

Jeffrey and US ambassador to Turkey David Satterfield were in Brussels after Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s visit, to discuss ways the US and NATO can help Ankara protect its pet militants in their last remaining redoubt – Syria’s Idlib province.

But while Satterfield described Idlib as containing “three million-plus innocent civilians, the majority of whom are women and children,” and accused “Russian aggression” of seeking to displace them, listen to how Jeffrey chose to describe the situation, when asked by a CNN reporter if NATO was considering sending in ground troops:

I think you can forget ground troops. Turkey has demonstrated ably that it and its opposition forces are more than capable of holding ground on their own.

This is either appallingly ignorant or downright delusional, as the Syrian army had successfully rolled up the Turkish-backed militants and the ceasefire Ankara agreed to in Moscow last week confirmed that.

➜⇢ ➽ ➤  Chinese Scientists Find MORE Evidence That Coronavirus Discriminates By Race  EarlierPinker’s Wrong: With Coronavirus Going Global, Time For Nationalism, Not Globalism, To Protect Americans

Well, this is getting really serious: Coronavirus (now increasingly known as COVID-19) has reached Washington, DC [Rector of prominent Washington, D.C., church tests positive for coronavirusCBS, March 8, 2020; CPAC chair had brief contact with coronavirus patient at conference, says he’s not alarmedFox News, March 8, 2020]. Global panic is in the air: Italy, which appears to be peculiarly vulnerable to COVID-19 as it was to the 1918 Spanish Flu Pandemic ,has reacted with arguably counter-productive ferocity [Leaked coronavirus plan to quarantine 16m sparks chaos in Italy, Guardian, March 8, 2020]. But, although totally repressed by our race-denying Ruling Class—did you know that Kirkland WA, where the bulk of U.S. deaths have occurred, was 11.3% Asian in the 2010 census?—the evidence that there may be an ethnic and/or racial dimension to the disease continues to mount. Which could mean that the Ruling Class is frightening most people too much—and not warning some people enough.

➜⇢ ➽ How Trump’s botched Oval Office speech triggered all hell to break loose

➜⇢ ➽ ➤ Paying for Syrian Mercenaries and the Turkish Army with Libyan Money are a Key GNA Priority

Posted by Internationalist 360° on March 11, 2020

The American video journalist Lindsey Snell revealed in a TV interview new details of links between Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and terrorist groups, and his motives for sending mercenaries to Libya.

[Libya, 11 March 2020] – In an interview with al-Bilad TV show on News218 satellite channel, Lindsey Snell, who specialises in conflict and humanitarian crises, said that Erdogan supported the terrorist group al-Qaeda in Syria since its establishment, and has consistently provided the so-called Free Syrian Army with weapons.

“I spoke with a number of militants belonging to the Free Syrian Army factions who had received arms after crossing the Turkish borders into Syria. They were supposed to transfer those weapons to a certain city where they were to leave them, along with ammunition, in preparation for handing them over to al-Nusra Front,” disclosed Snell.

She noted that by adopting such a plan Turkey was supporting militant organizations, adding that the situation had become clearer recently, although al-Nusra Front changed its name twice and claimed that it separated from Al Qaeda in 2016. Al-Nusra Front is still classified as a terrorist organization in many countries, including Turkey.

➜⇢ ➽ ➤ Russia: Israel’s Strikes in Syria Undermine Regional Security

Posted by Internationalist 360° on March 12, 2020

TEHRAN (FNA)- Israel’s airstrikes in Syria only add to the tensions and destabilize the situation in the region, Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said on Thursday.

“We are concerned over Israel’s continued practice of delivering unilateral airstrikes on the Syrian territory in violation of the sovereignty of neighboring Arab nations,” she stated, according to TASS.

“The latest such attack was staged by Israeli warplanes on March 5 from Lebanon’s airspace. As a result, one Syrian soldier was killed and more than ten were wounded,” Zakharova added.

“We are convinced that such arbitrary military actions undermine regional stability and heighten tensions,” she stressed.

On March 5, Israeli warplanes delivered missile strikes at military facilities in Syria’s Central Homs and Southern Quneitra provinces. According to Sham FM radio station, at least 12 missiles fired from the Israeli fighter jets were intercepted by Syria’s air defense forces.


MY NEWS PUNCH F. DEJAHANG ➜⇢➤14-03-2020    

           ➜⇢➤Mainstream Vs. Alternative Media Page   14


For one, the information industry can easily muddy the waters of the understanding, thanks to their arsenal of weapons of mass confusion.’

KEY ➜⇢ MSC   ➤PHD RESEARCH, (MPhilPhD)    ➽=ALL 

➜⇢ ➽ ➤ Coronavirus: think warmer weather will kill the outbreak? It hasn’t in Australia

Because flus and colds tend to fluctuate with the seasons, some have expressed optimism that springtime warmth could stymie the virus’ spread

But experts do not think we can bank on seeing a retreat of the new coronavirus come spring and summer in the Northern Hemisphere  US President

Donald Trump and many other people have expressed optimism that the coronavirus might go away when weather warms in a similar way to the seasonal flu. But it’s summer in  Australia and the average temperature is about 23 degrees Celsius (74 degrees Fahrenheit). At least 128 people there have got the coronavirus and three have died. Tom Hanks confirmed on Wednesday  that he and his wife tested positive for the new coronavirus while in Australia’s Gold Coast. It’s evidence that warmer weather does not make the coronavirus disappear.

➜⇢ ➽ ➤  China /  Science As coronavirus becomes pandemic, scientists ask if lines on the map hold the key to contagion’s spread

Studies suggest that ‘hotspots’ for virus that causes Covid-19 are found between the 30 to 50 degree lines of latitude north-Temperature and humidity data might allow scientists to forecast the ‘next’ Wuha

The  coronavirus pandemic that has infected more than 125,000 people around the world is concentrated in a “corridor” across the northern hemisphere, researchers said, as more studies focused on how temperature and humidity could be used to predict the spread of the contagion. Despite worries that Southeast Asia may become a coronavirus hotspot after central China (where the Covid-19 outbreak started) because of their proximity and travel connections to the infection’s epicentre, more countries and regions like South Korea, Japan, Iran, northern Italy and the northwestern United States may have to bear the heaviest burden. “The establishment of community transmission has occurred in a consistent east-and-west pattern. The new [regional] epicentres of the virus were all roughly along the 30-50 degree [lines of latitude] north zone,” according to a team of US and Iranian researchers. Their work, made public this week on the  Social Science Research Network (SSRN) and pending review by peer experts, said that common temperature and humidity factors in these locations may allow epidemiologists to anticipate where virus cases may become focused.

➜⇢ ➽ ➤ Just imagine if this was happing in Iran

Prisoners Made to Produce Coronavirus Masks and Hand Gels New York’s Governor Andrew Cuomo announced Monday that his state would also be using prison labor to produce 100,000 gallons of hand sanitizer for schools, prisons, transportation systems, and other government agencies. Prisoners are being used to produce face masks and hand gels in the United States, and Hong Kong after the rapidly spreading coronavirus provoked shortages.  he women have complained about their health and low pay as they earn around HK$800 (US$102) a month for non-stop production; significantly under Hong Kong’s minimum wage of HK$37.50 (US$5) per hour.

About 1,200 retired or off-duty prison officers are also working to shore up the supplies for the masks.

The COVID-19 coronavirus has infected more than 114,000 people across the globe, and over 4,000 have died since it emerged three months ago in China, blowing up the demand for face masks even as health officials have said healthy people do not need them.

New York’s Governor Andrew Cuomo announced Monday that his state would also be using prison labor to produce 100,000 gallons of hand sanitizer for schools, prisons, transportation systems, and other government agencies.

➜⇢ ➽ Leaked Chats Show Collab Between Brazilian Prosecutors, DOJ The leaked material sheds new light on the fact that the 2016 parliamentary coup against Brazil’s President Dilma Rousseff benefitted then to U.S. corporations following a massive wave of privatizations in Brazil by her unlawful successor Michel Temer.

The Car Wash prosecutors in Brazil seem to have been collaborating with the U.S. Department of Justice, going against Brazilian law and international treaties, according to leaked documents analyzed by The Intercept and the Brazilian investigative outlet Agência Pública released on Thursday.

RELATED: Brazil: Military Club Summons Members for Acts Against Congress

The conversations between Brazilian prosecutors –  not direct discussions with U.S. officials = show that “the Brazilians were extremely accommodating to their U.S. partners, going out of their way to facilitate their involvement,” reported the Intercept.

“The chats published today show that prosecutors on the Car Wash team intentionally ignored procedures outlined in Brazilian law and a bilateral treaty agreement with the U.S., apparently to keep the executive branch of the Brazilian government — then led by Lula’s successor and ally, Dilma Rousseff — in the dark about their activities. They also appear to have misrepresented their potentially illegal actions to superiors and the Justice Ministry of Brazil.”

➜⇢ ➽ ➤ Inequality in a Globalized World Makes Pandemics and Financial Crises Inevitable

Whether you’re invested in the stock market or not, you’ve likely noticed that it’s been on a roller coaster lately. The White House and most of the D.C. Beltway crowd tend to equate the performance of the stock market with that of the broader economy. To President Trump’s extreme chagrin, $3.18 trillion in stock market value vaporized during the last week of February. Stock markets around the world also fell dramatically. When all was said and done, $6 trillion had been at least temporarily erased from them. It was the worst week for the markets since the financial crisis of 2008 and it would only get worse from there. In the wake of that, the Federal Reserve kicked into gear. By the first week of March, after high-level coordination among the Group of Seven (G-7) countries and their financial elites, the Fed acted as it largely had since the financial crisis, but with more intensity, giving the markets a brief shot in the arm. In a move that Wall Street and the White House had clamored for, the Fed cut the level of interest rates by half a percentage point. The markets reacted by doing exactly the opposite of what the Fed hoped and, after having briefly soared, the Dow then tanked nearly 1,000 points that day. The next day, it rose 1,173 points (also partially attributed to Wall Street’s embrace of Joe Biden’s Super Tuesday results), only to plunge again soon after. Then, this Monday, within a few minutes of opening, the markets dropped more than 7%, triggering a halt in trading.

➜⇢ ➽ ➤ Shanghai sends fourth shipment of anti-corona assistance to Iran

IRNA – The fourth medical consignment of Shanghai-based companies and people to the Iranian people, weighting 2 tons, was sent to Tehran on Thursday night via the Consulate General of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Shanghai.

The relief supplies include gowns, masks, oximetry, protective glasses, gloves and medicines donated by Chinese companies and people to help the Iranian people fight Corona was sent to Tehran via Mahan cargo plane.

Consul General of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Shanghai Ramezan Parvaz stated that while the US government’s cruel sanctions have made it difficult for the Iranian people to confront the disease and show the true face of US officials to the world, the massive help and affection of the Chinese people to help the people of Iran is ongoing.

Parvaz noted the massive donations as a symbol of friendship between the two nations, rooted in the rich history of the two countries, and said that the friendship between the two countries would be strengthened in the future.

So far, a total of 9 consignments of medical and healthcare aid of China government and people have been sent to Tehran in solidarity with the Iranian people in the fight against corona.

➜⇢ ➽ ➤ Leader Urges Iranian Armed Forces to Boost Fight against Coronavirus

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei instructed the Iranian Armed Forces to bolster the fight against the new coronavirus, known as COVID-19, saying the outbreak of the disease may be “a biological attack”.    In an instruction to Chief of Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces Major General Mohammad Hossein Baqeri on Thursday night, Ayatollah Khamenei praised the services of the Armed Forces provided for the people to counter the novel coronavirus and stressed the need to organize the services through establishing “a health and treatment base”.

“The division of duties and missions of the organizations and departments of the Armed Forces would be one of the tasks of this base,” Ayatollah Khamenei stated.

“It (the health base) should work in full coordination with the administration and the Ministry of Health,” the Leader added.

“Given that there is evidence that raises the possibility of this event being a biological attack, this measure can also be an exercise in biological defense and increase national power and might,” the Leader said in the instruction.

The remarks came as the Health Ministry’s spokesman announced on Thursday that the number of coronavirus patients in Iran exceeded 10,000.

Speaking at a daily press conference on Thursday, Kianoosh Jahanpoor said the number of people testing positive for COVID-19 across the country has risen to 10,075 following the detection of 1,075 new cases since Wednesday noon.

He also noted that 3,276 coronavirus patients have recovered from the disease so far and have been discharged from the hospital.

According to Jahanpoor, the coronavirus death toll in Iran now stood at 429 after 75 patients lost their lives since Wednesday, marking the country’s highest daily fatalities since the outbreak of the respiratory disease more than three weeks ago.

➜⇢ ➽ Is America a democracy? If so, why does it deny millions the vote?

The One-Choice Election-There is only one choice in this election. The consolidation of oligarchic power under Donald Trump or the consolidation of oligarchic power under Joe Biden. The oligarchs, with Trump or Biden, will win again. We will lose. The oligarchs made it abundantly clear, should Bernie Sanders miraculously become the Democratic Party nominee, they would join forces with the Republicans to crush him. Trump would, if Sanders was the nominee, instantly be shorn by the Democratic Party elites of his demons and his propensity for tyranny. Sanders would be red-baited — as he was viciously Friday in The New York Times’ “As Bernie Sanders Pushed for Closer Ties, Soviet Union Spotted Opportunity” — and turned into a figure of derision and ridicule. The oligarchs preach the sermon of the least-worst to us when they attempt to ram a Hillary Clinton or a Biden down our throats but ignore it for themselves. They prefer Biden over Trump, but they can live with either.

➜⇢ ➽ ➤ US House rams through Nicaragua regime-change bill with zero opposition

Not one member of the House of Representatives spoke up against a bipartisan bill sponsored by hardliners that ramps up US economic warfare and regime-change measures against Nicaragua’s elected government.

By Ben Norton -As the Donald Trump administration’s year-long coup attempt against Venezuela spirals out in failure, the US government has taken aim at Nicaragua with increasing ferocity, in a bid to topple its democratically elected, leftist Sandinista government. Washington’s pressure escalated further on March 9 when the US House of Representatives passed a bipartisan resolution in a voice vote without any opposition that demanded more sanctions and aggressive actions against the Nicaraguan government of President Daniel Ortega.

➜⇢ ➽  ‘American coronavirus’: China pushes propaganda casting doubt on virus origin

Diplomats, state media and officials in China encourage idea that Covid-19 came from the US

One of the most popular topics on the Chinese microblog Weibo on Thursday was a one-minute clip of a US congressional hearing this week on how the country was dealing with the coronavirus.

In the video posted by the People’s Daily, Robert Redfield, director of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, is asked whether there may have been deaths attributed to influenza that could actually have been the result of Covid-19. Redfield responds in the affirmative: “Some cases have been actually diagnosed that way in the United States today.”

Redfield’s vague answer was enough to add fuel to a conspiracy theory that has been gaining traction over the past two weeks in China – that the coronavirus did not originate in China but may have come from the US instead.

➜⇢ ➽ ➤ COVID-19: Further Evidence that the Virus Originated in the US

It would be useful to read this prior article for background: China’s Coronavirus: A Shocking Update. Did The Virus Originate in the US?

By Larry Romanoff, March 04, 2020 ***As readers will recall from the earlier article (above), Japanese and Taiwanese epidemiologists and pharmacologists have determined that the new coronavirus almost certainly originated in the US since that country is the only one known to have all five types – from which all others must have descended. Wuhan in China has only one of those types, rendering it in analogy as a kind of “branch” which cannot exist by itself but must have grown from a “tree”.

The Taiwanese physician noted that in August of 2019 the US had a flurry of lung pneumonias or similar, which the Americans blamed on ‘vaping’ from e-cigarettes, but which, according to the scientist, the symptoms and conditions could not be explained by e-cigarettes. He said he wrote to the US officials telling them he suspected those deaths were likely due to the coronavirus. He claims his warnings were ignored.

Immediately prior to that, the CDC totally shut down the US Military’s main bio-lab at Fort Detrick, Maryland, due to an absence of safeguards against pathogen leakages, issuing a complete “cease and desist” order to the military. It was immediately after this event that the ‘e-cigarette’ epidemic arose.


MY NEWS PUNCH F. DEJAHANG ➜⇢➤14-03-2020    

           ➜⇢➤Mainstream Vs. Alternative Media Page   14


For one, the information industry can easily muddy the waters of the understanding, thanks to their arsenal of weapons of mass confusion.’

KEY ➜⇢ MSC   ➤PHD RESEARCH, (MPhilPhD)    ➽=ALL 

➜⇢ ➽ ➤ Stop  Sarcasm Ankit Panda “Light travels faster than sound. This is why some people appear bright until they speak.” Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Implies US Military Brought Coronavirus to Wuhan A firebrand Chinese spokesperson implies the U.S. “army” may have brought the virus to China.  As the Chinese government has gotten a grip on its breakout of the 2019 coronavirus disease, or COVID-19, internal narratives have been shifting. Having initially declared a “people’s war” on the disease, Chinese President Xi Jinping, clad in a facemask, went to Wuhan this week— the city where the virus, known as SARS-nCoV-2, is thought to have had its zoonotic genesis. Xi’s visit was seen as a victory lap: a moment for him, as commander-in-chief, to indicate to the Chinese people that the outbreak had been brought under control. It also coincided largely with the moment that the rest of the world — especially Europe and the United States — began to recognize the gravity of the COVID-19 situation. On Wednesday, the World Health Organization moved to officially dub COVID-19 a pandemic. In the weeks preceding Xi’s moment in Wuhan, official Chinese propaganda channels had started to raise the notion that the disease may not have originated within China. On February 27, Zhong Nashan, a Chinese scientist involved in Beijing’s national response, suggested the following: “Though the COVID-19 was first discovered in China, it does not mean that it originated from China.”

➜⇢ ➽ ➤ Coronavirus was produced in a laboratory: Former CIA intel officer A former American counter-terrorism specialist and military intelligence officer of the CIA has said that the “Coronavirus did not occur naturally through mutation but rather was produced in a laboratory, possibly as a biological warfare agent.”

Since the novel coronavirus outbreak began in China last December, it has infected more than 90,000 people globally and killed more than 3,000. The majority of cases and deaths remain in mainland China.

The death toll from the coronavirus in Iran, which has one of the highest numbers outside China, stood at 107, Health Ministry spokesman Kianush Jahanpur said Thursday.

“Several reports suggest that there are components of the virus that are related to HIV that could not have occurred naturally. If it is correct that the virus had either been developed or even produced to be weaponized it would further suggest that its escape from the Wuhan Institute of Virology Lab and into the animal and human population could have been accidental. Technicians who work in such environments are aware that “leaks” from laboratories occur frequently,” Philip Giraldi wrote in an article published by the Strategic Culture Foundation on Thursday.

➜⇢ ➽ ➤ In a Europe Closed Down by the Coronavirus the EU Opens its Doors to the US Army. Could the Defender become the Invader of Europe?  The Ministers for Defence of the 27 countries of the EU, 22 of which are also members of NATO, met on 4 and 5 March in Zagreb, Croatia. The central theme of the meeting (in which Lorenzo Guerini of the Democratic Party represented Italy) was not to seek a response to the Coronavirus crisis which is jamming up civil mobility, but how best to develop « military mobility ». The decisive test is the Defender Europe 20 exercise, scheduled for April and May. The General Secretary of NATO, Jens Stoltenberg, who took part in the EU meeting, défines it as « the largest deployment of US forces in Europe since the end of the Cold War ».

➜⇢ ➽ Italy criticizes EU for not responding its call for help, ‘only China responded bilaterally’ Italy accused the EU and its member states of not responding to the commission’s call for ensuring extra supplies of medical equipment amid the outbreak of the COVID-19, urging to take “quick, concrete and effective” emergency actions “beyond engagement and consultation.”

“Today, this means Italy; tomorrow, the need could be elsewhere. Italy has already asked to activate the European Union mechanism of civil protection for the supply of medical equipment for individual protection. But unfortunately not a single EU country responded to the commission’s call. Only China responded bilaterally. Certainly this is not a good sign of European solidarity,” Italian Ambassador to EU Maurizio Massari said on Politico’s website.–ONp6w2rmvu/index.html?fbclid=IwAR2yauHqL_wXftqhxr5I18DsfZweMSVTpgOPFrDavOf-wv2_MOiG9ocWAkg

➜⇢ ➽ ➤ ‘Not a single EU country’ responded to Italian plea for help with coronavirus A top Italian official knocked the European Union for leaving Italy’s plea for medical assistance unanswered while the coronavirus outbreak cripples the country.

Italy’s permanent representative to the EU, Maurizio Massari, wrote an op-ed in Politico on Tuesday asking for aid from EU members. The Italian official said that while the EU has ignored Italy’s requests for aid, China has begun assisting Italy bilaterally.

➜⇢ ➽ UN Troops Featured in World Military Games in Wuhan China Weeks Before Coronavirus Outbreak

➜⇢ ➽ ➤ SAA captures mercenaries hired by Erdogan in Idlib

➜⇢ ➽ “Breaking/Exclusive: US Brought COVID19 to China with Fake Army Team for Military Games, Evidence Mounting By VT Editors – March 13, 2020

In October 2019, the US brought 172 (really 369) military athletes to Wuhan for the World Military Games. Despite having the largest military in the world, ten fold, the US came in 35th behind nations like Iran, Finland and Slovenia. No video or photos exist of the US team, no records were kept, a huge team but a pitiful performance for the best military in the world.

The US team did so badly that they were called “Soy Sauce Soldiers” by the Chinese. In fact, many never participated in any event and stayed near the Huanan Seafood Wholesale Market, where the disease is said to have originated only days after the US left the area.

The US team went home on October 28, 2019 and within 2 weeks, the first human contact cases of COVID 19 were seen in Wuhan. The Chinese have not been able to find “patient zero” and believe he was a member of the US team.

They also have sources that say the US had misrepresented influenza that Trump claims has killed thousands, an influenza carried to China by the US team, an influenza that was really COVID 19, a disease developed in a military bio-warfare facility in the state of Washington, now “ground zero” in the US for COVID 19.

The Chinese claim, something censored in the US, that the inattentive attitude and disproportionately below average results of American athletes in the game indicate they might have been in for other purposes and they might actually be bio-warfare operatives, and that their place of residence during their stay in Wuhan was also close to the Huanan Seafood Wholesale Market, where the first known cluster of cases occurred.[28][29]

RT/Moscow: The US army might have brought the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) to China’s Wuhan, the city where the virus was first detected in the country, Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesman Zhao Lijian said on Thursday.

“When did patient zero begin in US? How many people are infected? What are the names of the hospitals? It might be US army who brought the epidemic to Wuhan. Be transparent! Make public your data! US owe us an explanation!” Zhao tweeted.

Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson Lijian Zhao has demanded US authorities reveal what they’re hiding about the origins of Covid-19, going as far as to suggest the coronavirus may have been brought to China by the US military.
Pointing to a video of Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) director Robert Redfield apparently admitting the US had several deaths from Covid-19 before they were able to test for it, Zhao called on the American watchdog to come clean in a tweet posted on Thursday.

Lijian Zhao 赵立坚

➜⇢ ➽ ➤ Deadly Germ Research Is Shut Down at Army Lab Over Safety Concerns

Problems with disposal of dangerous materials led the government to suspend research at the military’s leading biodefense center.  Safety concerns at a prominent military germ lab have led the government to shut down research involving dangerous microbes like the Ebola virus.

“Research is currently on hold,” the United States Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases, in Fort Detrick, Md., said in a statement on Friday. The shutdown is likely to last months, Caree Vander Linden, a spokeswoman, said in an interview.

The statement said the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention decided to issue a “cease and desist order” last month to halt the research at Fort Detrick because the center did not have “sufficient systems in place to decontaminate wastewater” from its highest-security labs.

➜⇢ ➽ Iran slams Trump’s ‘hypocritical, repulsive’ virus aid offer amid US ‘medical terrorism’

Iran slams a recent offer by US President Donald Trump to “assist” it to counter the coronavirus outbreak as a repulsive display of hypocrisy amid Washington’s sanctions and medical terrorism targeting Tehran. 

“Instead of hypocritical displays of compassion and repulsive bragging, you should end your economic and medical terrorism so that medicine and medical supplies can reach medical staff and the Iranian people,” Foreign Ministry spokesman Abbas Mousavi tweeted on Friday.

On Thursday, Trump said that Iran is “facing a tremendous problem” and that US has offered to help the country. “We have the greatest doctors in the world,” he said.

➜⇢ ➽ ➤ BREAKING NEWS: Protein Spike Attached to Horseshoe Bat Coronavirus Indicates Covid-19 is Man Made  Jenna Luche-Thayer

Senior Advisor – US Government, United Nations, non-profits, corporate social responsibility programs

 March 13, 2020. Jenna Luché-Thayer



The following compelling information was shared to me by a medical professional. It indicates that COVID-19 is a man made virus. If so, this information is hopeful. Why? Because the scientists who created this virus understand it and their knowledge of the virus can be used to defend us from this pandemic. I thank the dedicated health professional who did this research and shared it with me.


“The first order of battling this virus pandemic is to understand the origin of Covid-19. In its birth, many answers about its behavior can be found. The BIG problem is that the origins of this current virus very likely raise highly embarrassing disclosures for the US and China, which is why I suspect it is being unreported in the media and by our government officials.

We in medicine were always fearful the naturally evolved H5N1 bird flu would be THE pandemic threatening human existence one day due to its alarming mortality rate even among healthy people. All the H5N1 needed was to evolve a highly efficient protein spike on its surface that rapidly attaches to human cells so it could be efficiently spread from human to human.

Not coincidentally, this spike would look very much like  the one that UNC researchers (Baric et al) attached to the horseshoe bat Corona virus in their lab as described in their 2015 article in the journal Nature (see below). If this was to occur in the H5N1 virus, we would have a highly contagious form of H5N1 virus with a 60% mortality rate that would decimate the human species.  

Though there may have been legitimate immunology research reasons for why Ralph Baric’s lab created a novel, highly infectious Corona/SARS hybrid virus for research purposes as published in their 2015 Nature Medicine article, many well respected worldwide research institution heads were quite unsettled by it. (See the commentary written about the 2015 Nature article below).

Subsequently, it seems reasonable to presume that University of North Carolina’s (UNC) “method of hybrid virus creation” intellectual property was copied by one of Baric’s Chinese co-authors, researcher Shi Zhengli. Shi Zhengli was referred to in the 2015 Nature article as a leader at the “Key Laboratory of Special Pathogens and Biosafety at the Wuhan Institute of Virology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Wuhan, China”. That lab is one of the world’s dozen or so Bio-level 4 research facilities that are approved to handle the world’s most deadly of pathogens. 

Unfortunately, the Wuhan Bio-level 4 lab has had a dismal safety record even before this recent COVID event, having suffered two previous documented escapes of the SARS virus from their lab into the local community. Fortunately the SARS virus that escaped was not a particular good contagion for human to human transmission.

It seems highly logical to assume that Ms. Shi Zhengli’s team likely inserted the same or an extremely similar infectious spike from the lethal SARS virus into the Corona bat virus just as UNC had designed, but without appropriate lab protections or common sense that UNC demonstrated.  

Interestingly, the identification of this previously described unnatural infectious spike on the COVID-19 virus samples obtained from early infected humans was confirmed by an Indian biotech lab shortly after the recent outbreak. They stated they performed their analysis through reverse engineering of the COVID-19 DNA. The Indian lab’s e-published findings were roundly condemned and dismissed only by the US and China; and the Indian laboratory was ultimately “forced” to take their research paper off the internet!  

Subsequently, the same Chinese doctor (Shi Zhengli aka Zhengli-Li Shi) published in Nature once again in January of this year about a “novel” and “never been seen before in humans” virus emerging in the population of Wuhan. Her 2020 Nature article describes a corona virus with a SARS spike on its viral coat, making it infectious to humans.

There is a high likelihood that COVID-19 is a bioengineered “escaped” virus. Who better knows this virus’s behavior than the scientists involved in their development (Baric and Zhengli)? We need transparency now!

To continue to deny the likely possibility that COVID-19 is man-made seems silly when armed with knowledge accessible in the science literature, and by paying attention to the reported details of the outbreak! In particular: 

– The initially infected Wuhan area patients had absolutely no associations with the “wet” animal market. 

– Reportedly, the Chinese do not eat this type of bat or sell them at the market. 

– Additionally, the bat species that carries the non-human COVID version of bat corona virus was in hibernation at the epidemic outbreak.

– Lastly, the Chinese military took over the Wuhan Bio-level 4 lab at the beginning of the outbreak.

What do we know so far? 

– This unexpected pandemic is caused by a bat virus that has a SARS virus spike attached, a spike which specifically binds to the human ACE-2 receptor, a cellular receptor prevalent in human lung tissues, not in bats. 

– This is the same spike placed on Baric’s and Zhingli’s creations to greatly enhance human cell infectivity and thus contagiousness…” 


In 2015 scientists were alarmed about the ramifications of the research described by Baric in the 2015 publication in Nature Medicine journal as published below:

➜⇢ ➽ ➤ “Lab-Made Coronavirus Triggers Debate

The creation of a chimeric SARS-like virus has scientists discussing the risks of gain-of-function research. By Jef Akst Nov 16, 2015

Ralph Baric, an infectious-disease researcher at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, last week (November 9) published a study on his team’s efforts to engineer a virus with the surface protein of the SHC014 coronavirus, found in horseshoe bats in China, and the backbone of one that causes human-like severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) in mice. The hybrid virus could infect human airway cells and caused disease in mice, according to the team’s results, which were published in Nature Medicine.

The results demonstrate the ability of the SHC014 surface protein to bind and infect human cells, validating concerns that this virus—or other coronaviruses found in bat species—may be capable of making the leap to people without first evolving in an intermediate host, Nature reported. They also reignite a debate about whether that information justifies the risk of such work, known as gain-of-function research. “If the [new] virus escaped, nobody could predict the trajectory,” Simon Wain-Hobson, a virologist at the Pasteur Institute in Paris, told Nature.

In October 2013, the US government put a stop to all federal funding for gain-of-function studies, with particular concern rising about influenza, SARS, and Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS). “NIH [National Institutes of Health] has funded such studies because they help define the fundamental nature of human-pathogen interactions, enable the assessment of the pandemic potential of emerging infectious agents, and inform public health and preparedness efforts,” NIH Director Francis Collins said in a statement at the time. “These studies, however, also entail biosafety and biosecurity risks, which need to be understood better.”

Baric’s study on the SHC014-chimeric coronavirus began before the moratorium was announced, and the NIH allowed it to proceed during a review process, which eventually led to the conclusion that the work did not fall under the new restrictions, Baric told Nature. But some researchers, like Wain-Hobson, disagree with that decision.

The debate comes down to how informative the results are. “The only impact of this work is the creation, in a lab, of a new, non-natural risk,” Richard Ebright, a molecular biologist and biodefence expert at Rutgers University, told Nature.

But Baric and others argued the study’s importance. “[The results] move this virus from a candidate emerging pathogen to a clear and present danger,” Peter Daszak, president of the EcoHealth Alliance, which samples viruses from animals and people in emerging-diseases hotspots across the globe, told Nature.”

Please stay safe and protect yourselves


Jenna Luché-Thayer


Jenna Luché-Thayer. 35+ years working globally on the rights of the marginalized. Former Senior Advisor to the United Nations and the US Government. Director, Ad Hoc Committee for Health Equity in ICD11 Borreliosis Codes. Founder, Global Network on Institutional Discrimination, Inc. —Holding institutions accountable for political and scientific solutions. Email

➜⇢ ➽ ➤  Nikademus Lawman

16 hrs · 

All of these are true:
(1) “Coronavirus” is real and likely a biowarfare invention;
(2) “Coronavirus” is being politically exploited by sociopaths who deserve to have the power ripped from their dead claws;
(3) Trump’s admin is purposely hampering Iran’s ability to manage Coronavirus in its borders while advertising the opposite falsely; and,
(4) The severity of the virus has been over-exaggerated and people have been purposely made to panic by the political opportunists. It has become a convenient political excuse to crash already rigged and corrupted Ponzi schemes laughably called “international markets” and to scapegoat the virus for financial schemes that have spelled this collapse for a long-time coming.

Regardless of the virus, the international monetary system’s individuals and personnel, all thousands of them, should be put on an Excel spreadsheet for containment and nullification. This is the real threat to humanity and the moneymasters, as always, are the ringmasters of the biowarfare violations even existing in the first place under the fraud of their WHO.

Those enforcing the laws and norms in benefit to humanity against these international terrorists should be given popular support to snuff the megalomaniacs in their beds if need be.

War is here. They are too cowardly to declare it, but people must not be scared and must be courageous to defend themselves and their lives (esp. of their loved ones and future generations) against yet another attack on all of humanity.

One should ask themselves: why are these craven snakes in charge of all humanity? It’s a math game. They’ve taken over the source of the currency, the printers, and created a false value in humanity’s mind and perception that this printed paper has any value. They’re simply using math to control the masses and the masses are too ignorant in the same subject to critically examine what is being done and to simply put an end to it.

What’s one way to end it ALL? Repeal the Federal Reserve Act of 1913. A single US law that can be overridden in numerous ways, including new US laws, Supreme Court re-interpretation, or Constitutional Amendment by way of State Legislatures or Congressional vote.

This is the plug on the drain. One can even test the efficacy of this maneuver by merely intimating publicly that a movement to repeal the Act is real and momentous against it. The Financial Cockroaches will start crying bloody murder and engage in all sorts of desperation to stop it.

  • Trump says he excluded the UK from his European coronavirus travel ban because it’s ‘doing a good job,’ but the number of British cases just soared by 30%  President Donald Trump says he excluded the UK from his coronavirus-related travel ban because it is “doing a good job.”
  • But the number of coronavirus cases in the UK has just soared by 30%.
  • Critics have pointed out that two of the countries excluded from the ban — Britain and Ireland, the only European Union member exempted — host golf clubs owned by Trump.
  • The European Union on Thursday criticized Trump’s decision.
  • Visit Business Insider’s homepage for more stories.

President Donald Trump has defended excluding the UK from his European travel ban by saying it is “doing a good job” containing the novel coronavirus, but the total number of cases in Britain has soared by almost 30% in just the past day.

The UK on Thursday afternoon reported a total of 590 positive tests for the virus — a rise of 28% from Wednesday.

➜⇢ ➽ ➤ 2018-Russia claims US is running a secret bio weapons lab in Georgia  MOSCOW — Russia’s Defense Ministry said Thursday the United States appeared to be running a clandestine biological weapons lab in the country of Georgia, allegedly flouting international conventions and posing a direct security threat to Russia — allegations the Pentagon angrily rejected.

 Qatar flight carrying medical aid arrives in Iran

by IRNA13 hours ago

AQatari airplane carrying government medical and health aid from Doha has arrived in Tehran.

Iran Air will also provide its third flight to Qatar on Friday to bring home Iranian passengers stranded in Qatar due to coronavirus fears.

In the wake of the coronavirus outbreak, Iran Air flights to Qatar were suspended.


MY NEWS PUNCH F. DEJAHANG ➜⇢➤14-03-2020    

           ➜⇢➤Mainstream Vs. Alternative Media Page   14


For one, the information industry can easily muddy the waters of the understanding, thanks to their arsenal of weapons of mass confusion.’

KEY ➜⇢ MSC   ➤PHD RESEARCH, (MPhilPhD)    ➽=ALL 


MY NEWS PUNCH F. DEJAHANG ➽           ➜⇢➤Mainstream Vs. Alternative Media

Student’s score- small sample 

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