For one, the information industry can easily muddy the waters of the understanding, thanks to their arsenal of weapons of mass confusion.’

Articles for Political Science, Mathematics and Productivity the Student Room BSc, MSc & PhD Project Mangers etc.
PPTs in SLIDESHARE International Studies Research Degrees (MPhilPhD) PPTs

NEWS YOU WON’T FIND ON BBC-CNN-FOX NEWS, FR 24, ITV-SKY-EURO NEWS, ITV…Corporate Media Is Owned by Few Billionaires They are Lying to us. Vast majority in the Middle East knows (We Exclude Wahabi KSA/ Takfiri and US Puppets, BNP/MKO/Fascist/Racist), what majority of western audiences like don’t, because of cultivated stupidity… I don’t blame people in the west but corporate media like BBC-CNN-FOX NEWS, FR 24, ITV/CH 4-SKY-EURO NEWS, ITV- that those murdered by Trump’s expeditionary forces in the last few days, were those most responsible for the destruction of the Bolton/ Saudi-inspired terrorists like ISIS / DAESH/…….

➜⇢➤Mainstream Vs. Alternative Media PAGE 14

➽=ALL False flag-War Machine-War profiteering-Energy (oil/Gas) Iraq, Iran,…oil and gas

USA invades other countries just to own their natural resources and to place them in the hands of American corporations. Facebook doesn’t call that terrorism. They call it democracy. BBC, CNN, FOX NEWS, FR 24, ITV/CH 4, SKY, EURO NEWS, ITV trash Sun paper,… Facebook all are protector and preserver of the propaganda classifying IR Iran as a dangerous terrorist organization. But FB, BBC, CNN, FOX NEWS, FR 24, ITV/CH 4-SKY, EURO NEWS, ITV do know well, that USA is the biggest terrorist country in the world.

‘terrorism’ the unlawful use of violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims.
“the fight against terrorism” is the fight against the unlawful use of violence and intimidation and carpet bombing.

Ever since the beginning of the 19th century, the West has been sucking on the jugular vein of the Moslem body politic like a veritable vampire whose thirst for Moslem blood is never sated and who refused to let go. Since 1979, Iran, which has always played the role of the intellectual leader of the Islamic world, has risen up to put a stop to this outrage against God’s law and will, and against all decency.

=ALL Facebook Tyrant

I saw a post about remembering the US shoot down of the Iranian airliner (Iran Air Flight 655) in 1988, and Facebook had a flag warning that it was “fake news” MOUTHPIECE OF Pentagon

Facebook is a protector and preserver of the propaganda classifying IR Iran as a dangerous terrorist organization. But FB knows well, that USA is the biggest terrorist country in the world. USA invades other countries just to own their natural resources and to place them in the hands of American corporations. Facebook doesn’t call that terrorism. They call it democracy. FB is marking this as “partly false information, checked by independent fact checkers” and then linking to some Spanish language fact checking site named “Observador” which ranks the post at the upper end of their “deceiver” scale based on the site’s analysis asserting that the US in reality apologised, while ignoring the fact that all military personnel involved were decorated for their actions in taking down the plane.

The site, by the way, contains almost no information about where it is bases, how it is funded, or other information which relates to its own credibility. Conclusion: Partly false

The information in this post is a mix of true and false statements or it could simply be incomplete. In some cases, the information is misleading.

➽=ALL Barry Grossman  Aboriginal people were forced to collect wood for their own pyres in at least four cases of mass killing in Western Australia, a practice that was still happening as late as 1926, new research reveals.

Some of the most violent episodes in our colonial past took place well into the 1920s, in the Northern Territory and Western Australia.

Government forces, including soldiers, police, magistrates and native police, were involved in more than half of all massacres recorded between the 1820s and the 1930s.

Just about all of the massacres in the first 30 years [of colonisation] are carried out by government forces,” said Prof Lyndall Ryan, who heads the University of Newcastle research team. “There’s always police involved in the story, right across Australia.

“As the frontier starts to expand, it’s less likely to be British soldiers, but soldiers who’ve left the regiment and been appointed as magistrates, or mounted police. The Killing Times map has been updated today with 57 new sites.

➽=ALL Barry Grossman The military took over the case from civilian criminal court a week before trial was set to begin, and one of her former special victims counsels, her advocate in the military legal system, was ordered to testify against her about a witness Scanlon didn’t disclose until late in the court martial process.

Scanlon says she then wasn’t allowed to sit in on the trial or see any transcript and that, now, she has no legal recourse to file a suit against the Army primarily because of a controversial 1950 Supreme Court ruling that prevents service members from suing the government.

➽=ALL The man she accused, who had been a sergeant first class in the elite and highly secretive Delta Force, denied the allegations and was eventually found not guilty under military court proceedings.  Army officer says she was raped, but Supreme Court ruling blocks her from justice

Erin Scanlon, who left the military recently, alleges her case was mishandled.


What is it about Israel that makes it so attractive to anti-Semites, fascists and racists such as Trump, Bolsonaro and Duterte?  Israel is proof that any group of people, including Jews, can, given the right set of circumstances become racists and fascists.


Racism is not biologically inherited. It is a product of society not genetics. Just as Germans today have not inherited a Hitler gene, so the same is true of Israeli Jews. They have no inherited the mantle of the oppressed Jews of Europe but what Israel has done is to transform the traditional image of Jews from the oppressed to the oppressor.


Who Will Tell the Truth About the So-Called ‘Free Press’?­


Law Professor: Trump Could Also Have Been Impeached for War Crimes, Assassinations & Corruption Democratic lawmakers are continuing to lay out their case for removing the president from office in the final day of opening arguments by Democrats in the historic impeachment trial of President Trump. Republicans will begin their opening arguments on Saturday. The Senate trial comes a month after the House impeached Trump for withholding congressionally approved military aid to Ukraine as part of an effort to pressure the Ukrainian president to investigate Trump’s political rival, Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden.


New York Times pressing Trump to start war with Iran: Don DeBar American journalist and political commentator Don DeBar believes the New York Times – “one of the most Zionist rags on the planet” — is trying to compel US President Donald Trump to apply “maximum pressure” on Iran in order to start war with the country.

DeBar made the remarks in an online interview with Press TV on Saturday while commenting on a New York Times opinion piece that backed Trump’s economic terror on Iran, a hostile agenda that flagrantly breaches international law.

The Times article is written by Richard Goldberg who served on President Trump’s National Security Council.


Kimberly Ann Todd “In 2019, when the US announced to ‘withdraw’ its forces from Syria, it did this only to relocate them to Iraq, which was, as I had written then, to become the main territory for the US military entrenchment in the region against Iran, as also Russia and China. This was decided in the wake of the fast-shrinking space for the US to manoeuvre and manipulate things in Syria. Soleimani’s killing in a US drone strike that flew from within Iraq only underscores the fact that the very purpose of the US military presence in Iraq is ‘containment’ of Iran rather than ‘training’ of the Iraqi forces and the so-called ‘anti-terrorist’ operations against the Islamic State. Notwithstanding the fact that the ISIS does no longer control any territory in Iraq and that there are only few pockets where its activity can be seen, Mike Pompeo’s refusal to entertain the Iraqi parliament’s resolution with regards to the expulsion of the American forces throws a great deal of flight on the US’ actual purposes. Accordingly, the US is now trying to install someone in Iraq who could be more amenable and sensitive to the US interests.

The US president paid special attention to his meetings with Iraqi leaders on the sidelines of the World Economic Forum in Devos. POTUS met Iraq’s president, Saleh, and the leader of Iraq’s Kurdish Regional Government, Nechirvan Barzani. Not only is the US connection with Barzani/Iraqi Kurds a gateway for an open-ended and endless US military presence in Iraq, but also a key factor in stabilising the progressively weakening US position in the Middle East. The Iraqi president, being himself a Kurd, is not only a US-man, but also for a long-term military presence in Iraq.

They would naturally support a US presence because this is the only anchor that they use to buttress their position vis-à-vis the almost 100000 strong paramilitary force, known as Popular Mobilisation Force, of Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis, who was killed in the same US strike targeting Soleimani. That force, mainly consisting of various Shi’ite militias, is there to not only to fight the ISIS, but also project Iranian power in Iraq. Again, the fact that the Popular Mobilisation Forces had the blessing of Soleimani/Iran explains why the US targeted both Soleimani and Muhandis in that fateful strike. These forces could have—and were already— a big problem for the US ‘mission in Iraq’, and might have become instrumental in pushing the US out of the country.

Therefore, in order to avoid a Syria-like defeat, it was always imperative for the US to decapitate the forces’ leadership and thus strengthen its position as well as that of the pro-US elements in Iraq.”  What Does the US Hope to Achieve in Iraq Through Maintaining its Illegal Presence?


Who Rules America?

By Greg Felton

A government, whatever its nature, rules as an imperial power over its people. The surest way to exercise this control is to prop up the illusion that it acts in the public interest. Paul Craig Roberts and Alvin Rabushka spelled out this salient fact in the March 1973 issue of Public Choice, in their article “A Diagrammatic Exposition of an Economic Theory of Imperialism,” and what they wrote is no less relevant today.

The act of voting is one of the props that sustains the delusion of self-rule. People do vote, but the candidates are decided by the oligarchy of organized interest groups. This is also the conclusion of a 2014 study by Princeton University professors Martin Gilens and Benjamin I. Page about the extent to which U.S. government policy reflects public preferences. Gilens and Page found that voters are, to all intents and purposes, irrelevant to their own “democratic” government: …. Bush’s assertion of independence from Israel resulted in Israel’s meddling in the 1992 presidential election which cost Bush re-election and marked the last time that a U.S. president would dare challenge Israel’s self-proclaimed right to murder, torture, dispossess and displace Palestinians.–VdABU4NV498SA9G9b_xskuPr8G5BkvHrzorx9hHz9HZMPN3IM9YHSU


‘We Apologize’ for Trump’s Reckless Aggression, US Peace Advocates Say in Open Letter to Iranian People

The letter, from activist group CodePink, comes ahead of peace demonstrations scheduled Saturday in 200 cities around the world.

By Eoin Higgins, staff writer The peace advocacy group CodePink is collecting American signatures for a letter apologizing to the Iranian people for U.S. aggression and warmaking, particularly President Donald Trump’s decision on January 3 to order the assassination by drone strike of Iranian military commander Qasem Soleimani while Soleimani was in Iraq. 

“As Americans committed to peace and the safety of all people, we, the undersigned, apologize for the actions of our reckless, hate-filled president,” the letter says, “and pledge to do everything we can to stop Trump’s aggression, remove the crippling sanctions you are suffering under, and resume a process of diplomacy with your country.”


Noam Chomsky – The 5 Filters of the Mass Media Machine

According to American linguist and political activist, Noam Chomsky, media operate through 5 filters: ownership, advertising, the media elite, flak and the common enemy.  Fars News.Com Domain Blocked under US Sanctions  TEHRAN(FNA) – The US Treasury has cut off access of Iran’s Fars News Agency to its .com domain in a flagrant violation of the freedom of expression after enlisting it as a sanctioned entity on Friday.

In an e-mail to Fars News Agency, the international service provider has plainly explained that “the US Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) has included the news agency in its SDN list and ordered it to stop domain services to Fars News Agency” in an illegal move.

Fars News Agency is still up and available on its .ir domain. The FNA’s IT section is working on removing current problems on this domain as a huge number of readers have shifted from the .com – that was usually more referred to – to the .ir domain.

FNA extends its apology to our dear readers for inconvenience and the problems resulting from this uncivilized move by the US administration.

Fars, a leading news agency in Iran, started work as the first non-state news agency in 2003 and under the registry name of Fars Press and Culture Institute.

R⇢➤=PHD RESEARCH, (MPhilPhD) ➽=ALL US Vice President Mike Pence used his speech at the Holocaust memorial last week to bang a war drum at Iran. It revealed a deplorable lack of dignity and understanding of the event, despite Pence’s efforts to appear solemn.

But not only that. It showed too how out of touch the United States – at least its political leadership – is with the rest of the world and a growing collective concern among others to ensure international peace.

Maybe that’s why Britain’s Prince Charles appeared to snub Pence, declining to shake his hand while attending the commemoration of the Holocaust and 75th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz. Charles warmly greeted other dignitaries, including Russian President Vladimir Putin and France’s Emmanuel Macron. It was curious how he blanked Pence.


Jeff Blankfort 24 January at 21:40 Does this fall in the Humor or Barf Bag Alert! department? Maybe both. ‘Israeli-American alliance is essential for the future of the world’

Texas Governor Greg Abbott visits Israel to see first hand just how Israel and Texas, despite being so different in size, are very much alike in everything else.


FM Zarif urges Trump to base US foreign policy on facts not Fox News headlines Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammed Javad Zarif has called on US President Donald Trump to base his foreign policy approach on “facts” rather than the headlines featured in pro-Republican Fox News TV channel.

In a post on his Twitter account on Sunday, Zarif said Trump “is better advised to base his foreign policy comments & decisions on facts, rather than @FoxNews headlines or his Farsi translators.”


Carter’s impeachment advice to Trump: ‘Tell the truth…for a change’

➽=ALL The Cancer of War: U.S. Admits to Using Radioactive Munitions in Syria “U.S. Central Command (CENTCOM) spokesman Maj. Josh Jacques told Airwars and Foreign Policy that 5,265 armor-piercing 30 mm rounds containing depleted uranium (DU) were shot from Air Force A-10 fixed-wing aircraft on Nov. 16 and Nov. 22, 2015, destroying about 350 vehicles in the country’s eastern desert.”

Operation Inherent Resolve spokesman John Moore said in 2015 that:

“U.S. and coalition aircraft have not been and will not be using depleted uranium munitions in Iraq or Syria during Operation Inherent Resolve.”

Now we know that is not true.

Numerous studies have found that depleted uranium is particularly harmful when the dust is inhaled by the victim. A University of Southern Maine study discovered that:

“…DU damages DNA in human lung cells. The team, led by John Pierce Wise, exposed cultures of the cells to uranium compounds at different concentrations.


U.N. Report: Vatican Policies Allowed Priests To Rape Children The United Nations heavily criticized the Vatican on Wednesday for what it said was a systematic adoption of policies allowing priests to rape and sexually abuse tens of thousands of children.

The devastating report published by the U.N. Committee on the Rights of a Child said the Vatican must “immediately remove” all known or suspected child abusers within the clergy.

It said the Holy See had “systematically placed preservation of the reputation of the church and the alleged offender over the protection of child victims.”


Intel: Pelosi seeks to reassure Israel as Democrats debate military aid

Read more:


 “House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., is leading a congressional delegation to Israel this week amid an intraparty debate over conditioning military aid to the close US ally and Democratic efforts to limit President Donald Trump’s ability to attack Iran.

“And no matter what our party — or wherever we are within our party — the fact that we have the shared values with Israel and that is one reason for our joy in the creation of Israel as a historical miracle, the greatest accomplishment of the [20th] century,” Pelosi said at a working lunch with Knesset members.

➽=ALL Trump Envoy Issues Death Threat to Soleimani Successor, Head of Iran’s Quds Force Just when you thought Washington could not sink any lower in the international diplomacy game, the Trump White House compounds its previous misdeed by issuing a public death threat against the successor of assassinated Quds Force General Qasem Soleimani. “Hook also repeated the common talking point that Soleimani was the ‘world’s most dangerous terrorist’ – a label which hardly corresponds with facts which clearly demonstrate that the Iranian military leader was leading the fight against ISIS and al-Qaeda in Iraq and Syria.”


Tony Gratrex Threats like this reek of a childish bullying desperation as the US slowly realises the blowback to Iranian General Soleimani’s assassination has had serious negative consequences for the US in Iraq and elsewhere.


Mehrdad Shahabi 12 hrs ·  A valuable contribution by Kiaayo Naatoyitapiiksi

The evidence does not matter to propagandists and, despite the public appearance that the U.S. President is battling the Deep State apparatus, it seems now that the Deep State and the head of the country are now finally reading from the same page.

The roots of a Washington push for a new war on Iran can be found in the 1992 Defense Planning Guidance, the 1996 paper called A Clean Break: A New Strategy for Securing the Realm, the 2000 Rebuilding America’s Defenses, and in a 2001 Pentagon memo described by Wesley Clark as listing these nations for attack: Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Lebanon, Syria, and Iran.

Wolfowitz Doctrine

Paul Wolfowitz, a leading neoconservative, penned the Wolfowitz Doctrine shortly after the Soviet collapse. This doctrine is the basis of US foreign and military policy.

The doctrine states:

“Our first objective is to prevent the re-emergence of a new rival, either on the territory of the former Soviet Union or elsewhere, that poses a threat on the order of that posed formerly by the Soviet Union. This is a dominant consideration underlying the new regional defense strategy and requires that we endeavor to prevent any hostile power from dominating a region whose resources would, under consolidated control, be sufficient to generate global power.”

Notice that Washington’s “first objective” is not peace, not prosperity, not human rights, not democracy, not justice. Washington’s “first objective” is world hegemony. Only the very confident so blatantly reveal their agenda.

The Wolfowitz doctrine requires Washington to dispense with or overthrow governments that do not acquiesce to Washington’s will. It is the “first objective.”

Remember the Kellogg–Briand Pact (or Pact of Paris, officially General Treaty for Renunciation of War as an Instrument of National Policy) in which signatory states promised not to use war to resolve “disputes or conflicts of whatever nature or of whatever origin they may be, which may arise among them.” Parties failing to abide by this promise “should be denied of the benefits furnished by this treaty.” It was signed by Germany, France and the United States on August 27, 1928, and by most other nations soon after. Sponsored by France and the U.S., the Pact renounced the use of war and called for the peaceful settlement of disputes.


War didn’t just break out….it was planned. Here are the operational plans of empire.

US History in Iran

Sykes–Picot Agreement 1916

Red Line Agreement 1928

The Pentagon’s Law of War Manual: A Recipe for Total War and Military Dictatorship…/5486389…/5486474…/5486756…/5487058…/11-1…/Operation%20Northwoods.pdf

Here are the US plans…. 1997 with roots in the 1992 pentagon. And look at who the founders and agents are….and wake up.…/Project_for_the_New_American_C…

The greater Israel project…/5324815

The New Middle East project…/3882

The Yinon Plan of 1982, drafted when hard-right politician Menachim Begin was prime minister, was outlined in a paper entitled “A Strategy for Israel in the 1980s.” It maintained that Israel’s security would be guaranteed only if its neighbors were to be somehow forced or otherwise induced to come apart and return to their tribal, ethnic, and religious constituencies, which had been arbitrarily combined into individual nation-states by the imperial powers after World War I. The Yinon Plan included recommendations for military action to accomplish what might not be done more clandestinely, including an Israeli invasion of Syria to break the country down into Alawite, Druze, Sunni, and Christian communities. A fragmented Arab world creating a “Balkanized” weak-state system for the region, combined with relocation of the Palestinians to Jordan, would remove all the threats to Israel’s survival.

Pentagon’s Training Grounds For Afghan and Future Wars…/5500879

This incisive article written more than five years ago examines what has now become a fait accompli: Integration into NATO, Threatening Russia, the Militarization of the Baltic States With the expansion of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization into Eastern Europe from 1999-2009, the U.S.-led milita…

Bloomberg: Taxing the Poor is Good Because They’ll Have Less Money to Hurt Themselves Back in 2018, Former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg said at the IMF’s Spring Meeting that taxing the poor was a GREAT idea because it meant they’d have less money to hurt themselves.  Belmarsh Prison Inmates Prove More Ethical Than Entire Western Empire In some refreshingly good news about Julian Assange, WikiLeaks is reporting that its founder has finally been moved out of solitary confinement to a different wing in Belmarsh Prison where he can have normal social interactions with 40 other inmates.

This fantastic news lifts a huge weight from the chests of those of us who’ve been protesting Assange’s cruel and unusual treatment at the hands of an international alliance of governments bent on making a draconian public example of a journalist whose publications exposed US war crimes. Solitary confinement is a form of torture, and a UN Special Rapporteur has confirmed that Assange shows clear symptoms that he is a victim of psychological torture caused by his persecution from coordinated efforts by Washington, London, Stockholm, Canberra and Quito


Architect of CIA’s Torture Program Testifies Just Yards From Accused 9/11 Plotter He Waterboarded  A psychologist who helped to design and execute the CIA’s “enhanced interrogation techniques” testified in open court for the first time on Tuesday in connection with the trial of five men accused of planning the 9/11 attacks.

“I suspected from the beginning that I would end up here,” James Mitchell told a Guantánamo Bay courtroom. Dressed in a charcoal suit and bright red tie, Mitchell stated that although he could have testified over a video link, he had chosen to come in person. “I did it for the victims and families,” he told James G. Connell III, an attorney for Ammar al-Baluchi, one of the accused plotters. “Not for you.”


Joe Biden Lied About His Record on Social Security

Ryan Grim, Lee Fang January 25 2020, 10:46 p.m.

Over the past few weeks, former Vice President Joe Biden has been making an effort to recast his record on Social Security as one of a champion who defended the program from assaults, rather than one who consistently argued that it ought to be cut.

The value of such a revision is clear: Austerity is no longer a politically viable platform for Democrats to take in the primary. His defense of his record has included multiple television interviews, public comments, and even an ad attacking Sen. Bernie Sanders for “dishonest smears” challenging him on Social Security. In the ad, Biden makes a sweeping claim: “I’ve been fighting to protect — and expand — Social Security for my whole career. Any suggestion otherwise is just flat-out wrong.” At Vice’s Black and Brown Forum in Iowa this week, when pressed on his proposal to freeze Social Security payments by moderator Antonia Hylton, he simply lied: “I didn’t propose a freeze.”


Just 3% of What the US Spends Destroying Countries Could End Starvation—On the Entire Planet  January 23, 2020 0

Another scathing report shows the Pentagon’s accounting “errors” for war spending are now over $35 Trillion in just a single year and it’s getting worse.

It was reported this week that the Pentagon made $35 trillion — with a ‘T’ — in accounting adjustments in 2019 alone. That number is larger than the entire U.S. economy and is up from $30.7 trillion in 2018. The figure also dwarfs the Congressional approved military budget of $738 billion. Naturally, no one cares and Pentagon officials dismiss this black hole of spending as accounting errors.


SITREP: Iraq’s million-man march against US occupation, and Pentagon admits to 34 injuries from Iran strike

6746 Views January 24, 2020 46 Comments  by Aram Mirzaei for The Saker Blog

Iraqis have rallied in Baghdad in massive numbers to call for an end to US military presence in the country following high-profile assassinations and airstrikes targeting anti-terror forces.

Sayed Sadiq al-Hashemi, the director of the Iraqi Center for Studies, said more than 2.5 million took part in the demonstrations on Friday.

Since the early hours on Friday, huge crowds of men, women and children of all ages converged on the Jadriyah neighborhood near Baghdad University.

The protesters were seen carrying banners and chanting slogans calling for the expulsion of US forces.
“Get out, get out, occupier!” some shouted, while others chanted, “Yes to sovereignty!”
The massive rally came after influential cleric Muqtada al-Sadr called on Iraqis to stage “a million-strong, peaceful, unified demonstration to condemn the American presence and its violations”.
Sadr issued a statement on Friday calling for US bases to be shut down and Iraqi airspace closed to US warplanes and surveillance aircraft.


Willfully and Consciously Demonizing Shia: the Leadership of the Pious 3799 Views January 23, 2020 17 Comments

Mansoureh Tajik for The Saker Blog

Bismillah-ir-Rahman-ir-Rahim, “In the Name of God, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.” This essay may be billed as a companion to, or a rebuttal of, or a commentary on Pepe Escobar’s article titled, “The Roots of American Demonization of Shia Islam” posted here. I am uncertain about a suitable label. Perhaps the readers could formulate a mental tag & file as they deem appropriate.

The core thesis of Pepe Escobar’s article relates to “Shia Islam and the failure of the West to understand it.” It is stated, “the congenital incapacity of so-called US elites to even attempt to understand Shi’ism – thus 24/7 demonization, demeaning not only Shias by also Shia-led governments.” Let’s suppose we know what is meant by “US elites” here. Let us suppose it means a network of formal and informal financial, military, and political entities that have the power and the means to influence and control the ultimate decisions and the actions of the United States as a collective. The statement, as structured, appears to suggest that “demonization and demeaning Shias and Shia-led governments” is a consequence, a product, an effect, if you will, of an “incapacity” by those elites “to attempt to understand Shi’ism”. In other words, they bash it because they do not have the capacity to understand it. No evidence was provided to support this causal link.


Bankocracies: the real Western governance model – ending a 10-part series 4075 Views January 24, 2020 33 Comments

by Ramin Mazaheri for The Saker Blog

The Great Recession has exposed “capitalism with Western characteristics” for what it truly is: banker cultural worship, but also banker political governance.

The reality that this is the real Western governance model has been thrown into sharpest relief in Europe: I hypothesise it’s because its government (the EU) is so much newer than in the US or almost everywhere else.

It is also because it has been so blatant: even Eurozone countries which didn’t need a 21st century banker bailout had to ruin their own economies to pay for them.

We all know about bailouts – what’s less publicised is: Central bankers in the G7 nations and the Eurozone have all been given the power to set fiscal policy, to decide social policy priorities and to render domestic elections irrelevant. Western nations are no longer democracies – and they were all, every one, merely the types of democracies which pointedly refused to evolve after 1917 – but “bankocracies”.


The Power of Myth

6345 Views January 24, 2020 50 Comments  by Jimmie Moglia for The Saker Blog

It is sometimes easier to ascertain the ambiguities, disentangle the intricacies, and recover the meaning of events long past, than it is to recover the logic of events now current.

For one, the information industry can easily muddy the waters of the understanding, thanks to their arsenal of weapons of mass confusion.

But there is another subtle cause at play. The human mind does not mirror a computer, nor it functions according to the Boolean logic, whose operators are ‘and’, ‘not’, ‘or’. It has others, such as ‘almost’, ‘maybe’, ‘some’, ‘as if’, ‘in part’, quite, not quite, etc. Which demonstrates a certain mind’s penchant for randomness. A randomness that is transposed into the natural languages, and is conveyed by the lexical operators of ambiguity.

It is a form of semantic insurance, to allow a margin of incoherence, when the truth cannot be free from an uncertainty of possibility.


Did Bill Gates & World Economic Forum Predict Coronavirus Outbreak? An Inside Look May Shock You!


25 Conspiracy Theories That Turned Out to Be TrueIt may sound crazy—especially when you’re talking about investigations into flying saucers, nefarious government programs, and ultra-secret, fire-lit gatherings of the world’s richest men—but not every conspiracy theory ever uttered is something to scoff at. In fact, many of them have turned out to be completely true. For proof, grab your tin-foil hat and read on, because here we’ve gathered all of the wildest conspiracy theories that have turned out to be 100 percent rooted in fact.


Weekly Geo-Political News and Analysis

by Benjamin Fulford  Rothschilds kicked out of Russia and Japan as world revolution unfolds

By Benjamin Fulford Weekly Reports  487 Comments

A world revolution is unfolding with historical events taking place in Africa, China, France, Japan, Russia, and elsewhere as the old planetary control grid continues to collapse, multiple sources agree.

Let’s start with the revolution that was announced in Russia last week.  Basically, David Rothschild was kicked out and the Russian central bank was nationalized, which is why half the government was fired, FSB sources tell us.  Here’s what our FSB sources have to say on the subject:

“It was supposed to start back in November 2019 when Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev was killed at FSB headquarters, but due to the presence in the country of a huge number of the richest Jews in the world (the Rothschilds, Sheldon Adelson, etc.), this operation was postponed.


6000+/-  Anti IR IRAN protestors  (a convolutional neural network (cNN) based approach is presented: Image Crowd Counting Using Convolutional Neural Network and Markov Random FieldV 7 million/ Hundreds of thousands packed the streets of the Iranian capital Tehran for the funeral of Iranian military commander Qasem Soleimani.   Plane crash: Iranian protesters call for Supreme Leader to resign


6000+/-  Anti IR IRAN protestors  (a convolutional neural network (cNN) based approach is presented: Image Crowd Counting Using Convolutional Neural Network and Markov Random Field)  )  V 7 million/ Hundreds of thousands packed the streets

‘Our enemy is here’: Iran protesters demand that leaders quit after plane downed

Public anger boiled up following days of denials by the military that it was to blame for the crash

January 13, 2020 at 2:49 am | Published in: Asia & AmericasEurope & RussiaIranMiddle EastNewsUKUkraineUSVideos & Photo Stories


200 cocaine addict of Despotic Shah’s army in USA V George Galloway exposing Hegemonic powers

Los Angeles’ Iranian community cheers anti-regime protests over downing of Ukrainian plane V  Western intervention in Iran, Syria and Venezuala | George Galloway


What Europe Can Do to Avoid WWIII? Say ‘No!’ Now to Its Start

The US Government, which had lied its way into invading and destroying Iraq in 2003 (with a little help from UK and Europeans), wants Europeans to pitch-in for more US-run invasions. Europeans find this disturbing, but not repulsive enough to say, flat-out, “No!” to it. However, only that “No!” can stop the onrush toward a massive US war against both Iran and Iraq, which would spread ultimately into a global nuclear war between US and Russia.


During the World Economic Forum in Davos, German Chancellor Angela Merkel warned world business and political leaders that Libya could become the new Syria. The warning followed the Berlin peace conference aimed at de-escalating the situation and setting a foothold for a political settlement of the conflict. This is a clear demonstration of the fact that no breakthrough agreements were reached.

“We made a first attempt and that’s only a first attempt to find a solution for Libya, before Libya itself also falls into this trap of proxy war as we have seen it in Syria,” Merkel said. “Let us all get together when those countries ask us to fight terrorism in their part of the world as we have done this with the overall coalition in Syria.”


The mass protests in Iraq and the US drive to recolonize the Middle East

25 January 2020

Hundreds of thousands of protesters filled the streets of Baghdad Friday in a mass demonstration demanding the immediate withdrawal of US troops from the country.

Waving Iraqi flags and chanting “Get out, get out occupier,” and “Death to America,” the crowds expressed the immense popular anger that has built up over decades against the murderous role played by Washington in Iraq. Some carried signs threatening armed resistance, while others wore white capes, symbolizing burial shrouds, indicating their willingness to die in such a struggle.


The hyena in Africa, the great white shark and leopard >>>Democracy what democracy?

‘Eye-Popping’: Analysis Shows Top 1% Gained $21 Trillion in Wealth Since 1989 While Bottom Half Lost $900 Billion


Houthis Anticipate US Assassination Attempts, Warn US Troops Will Be Targeted in Retaliation

The U.S. recently admitted that it tried and failed to kill an Iranian commander in Yemen, sparking both fear and mobilization among Yemen’s Houthis. by Ahmed Abdulkareem   As tensions in the Middle East continue to rise, there are indications that Donald Trump’s administration is planning to carry out assassination operations against high-ranking Houthi officials inside of Yemen similar to the U.S. assassination of Iranian Revolutionary Guard General, Qassem Soleimani, a move likely to open the door for further escalation in the region. On Thursday, a high ranking Houthi official in Sana’a told MintPress News on condition of anonymity that the Houthis would not hesitate to target U.S. troops in the region if the Trump administration targets its personnel inside Yemen.


GOOD Prince Charles does not shake Mike Pence’s hand


Former Brazilian President Lula da Silva: Obama, Hillary Ordered Me Not to Negotiate with Iran

“I remember that Hilary Clinton worked hard against my idea to go to Iran. She even called the Emir of Qatar and asked him to convince me not to go. When I arrived in Moscow and met with [Dmitry] Medvedev, I found out Obama had called and asked him to help convince me not to go.” by Alan Macleod  He was the world’s most popular leader. Now he is “the world’s most prominent political prisoner” according to American political philosopher Noam Chomsky. From extremely humble beginnings as a peanut seller and a shoeshine boy on Brazil’s streets, Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva rose to become president of his nation in 2002. Yet he is now being kept hostage by the country’s fascist Bolsonaro administration. In a wide-ranging interview with Brasil Wire editors Daniel Hunt, Brian Mier and Michael Brooks, host of The Michael Brooks Show, the man universally known as Lula described how the U.S. government ordered him not to negotiate a nuclear deal with Iran, new revelations about U.S. involvement in the coup of 1964, and the current state of his country.


Fox military analyst says network makes him ashamed

 NEW YORK (AP) — A military analyst for Fox News said Tuesday that he was quitting the network because he believed it had turned into a propaganda machine for President Donald Trump’s administration.

Ralph Peters, a retired U.S. Army officer, said he told Fox at the beginning of the month that he did not want his contributor contract renewed.

“Over my decade at Fox, I was long proud of the association,” Peters wrote in an email that was distributed to colleagues at Fox News, and first reported by BuzzFeed News. “Now I am ashamed.”


Giles Dexter I’m all in favour of a democratically accountable public service broadcaster, but the BBC isn’t it.

Masquerading as good old “Auntie Beeb” the BBC is a deeply sinister propaganda organisation heavily engaged in social engineering and the control of the narrative. As well as being egregiously biased it is also nakedly mendacious, particularly in its crude attempts to gain public consent for war.

Corrupt and over paid from top to bottom, we are still waiting for an honest answer as to why BBC News announced the collapse of WTC7 on 9/11 half an hour before the building disintegrated into its own footprint.

As for Friedland, he never misses an opportunity to defend Zionism and the Empire, so it is no surprise that he defends one of the mainstays of their propaganda machine.


US record speaks for its self over the last 50 years or so, financed a puppet in Vietnam, invaded vietnam under false pretenses, waged war against the peasant army of North vietnam with the most sophisticated army on the planet at the time poisoned & destroyed the country, LOST the war, chased out of Hanoi; invaded Iraq under false pretenses Twice, poisoned & destroyed the country, are about to be kicked out of iraq after enabling tens of thousands of terrorists to wreck havoc in iraq & surrounding countries, have lost the war will lose the largest US embassy in the world in Bagdhad and will leave the Mid east as discredited Thugs & gangsters as USMC Mjr general S.D. Butler said the US military were used as, for US corporate capitalists.    Trump Administration Steps Up Efforts to Topple Venezuela’s Maduro – Senior Diplomat—senior-diplomat/?fbclid=IwAR2qbkJ5QDJGq690qj-mT6UUs5M7kLWtAmSgaVZjnm-eXgQTRZ4CXvCNe6g


David A Inagada  STILL LIVING THE AMERICAN NIGHTMARE – “…no justice”

“I am sad and depressed about it,” said Mark Rossini, one of two FBI agents assigned to the CIA’s Osama bin Laden unit, who says agency managers mysteriously blocked them from informing their headquarters about future Al-Qaeda plotters present in the United States in 2000 and again in the summer of 2001. “It is patently evident the attacks did not need to happen and there has been no justice…” t’s easier to bury uncomfortable facts than to confront them. So this September 11, the ceremonies marking the 2001 attacks on New York and Washington, D.C., will simply honor the dead. In Manhattan, tourists and mourners will gather where the World Trade Center Towers once stood, lowering their heads in memory of the 2,606 who perished there. The services won’t reflect the view that the attacks might well have been prevented.

But for hundreds of families and a growing number of former FBI agents, the grief of another 9/11 ceremony will be laced with barely muted rage: There remains a conspiracy of silence among high former U.S. and Saudi officials about the attacks.


  • R⇢➤=PHD RESEARCH, (MPhilPhD) ➽=ALL

U.S. Runs Headscarf Campaign Against Iran

A U.S. government funded public relation campaign tries to incite women in Iran to break the law. The reporting of the campaign in western media is unproportionate to its effects in Iran. The professional propagandist who runs the campaign on behalf of the U.S. government is introduced as ordinary “women’s rights activist”. The larger propaganda scheme and the U.S. government influence in it are willfully ignored.

In June 2017 the CIA created a new “mission center” for attacking Iran:


From Exxon to ‘ambassador’: How Carlos Vecchio became Venezuela’s top coup lobbyist


The story of regime-change brain Carlos Vecchio’s rise through elite US institutions and the oil industry captures the essence of Venezuela’s opposition.

By Anya Parampil and Diego Sequera

How Trump’s Trade Policies Failed Workers  Donald Trump, the self-proclaimed “great negotiator” and author of The Art of the Deal, promised to use his bargaining skills to help the American worker.

Trump vowed to rewrite trade deals, stanch the offshoring of U.S. jobs and reinvigorate American manufacturing.

His behavior tells a different story. Both of the trade deals he produced so far—the original United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) and the “phase one” agreement with China—failed American workers.

Bad trade costs millions of American jobs. Trump’s brand of deal-making won’t bring them back.


Greed, in particular the greed of corporations and billionaire oligarchs, is driving human civilization and the biosphere towards disaster. The greed of giant fossil fuel corporations is driving us towards a tipping point after which human efforts to control climate change will be futile because feedback loops will have taken over. The greed of the military industrial complex is driving us towards a Third World War that might develop into a catastrophic thermonuclear war. The greed of our financial institutions is also driving us towards economic collapse.


Killing innocent people is the language that west speaks. / By Rawan R Mahmasa

By Mark Taliano January 26, 2020  “A major devastation in the residential houses in western Aleppo, after the bombing of Aleppo areas with missiles”. The previous headline sums up our daily life! Bombing the residential areas everyday is causing us so much terror and panic. However, we have faith in our Syrian Army and we know that those hard days will pass and everything will be OK soon! Killing innocent people is the language that west speaks. I have only one question to ask, well, of course, I’m addressing the West: Haven’t you killed enough Syrians? Aren’t you happy?


What William Henry Harris says. This is one of the reasons why I am not happy living in the United States and wish to leave this country for good. It has a bloated capitalistic system that is so full of shit and inhumane! This is the only country that has more rich people (criminals) than any other developing country. This country is also run by the same rich criminals who keep robbing from the common people here and abroad. That’s one of the reasons why we common Americans don’t have anything good such as Universal Healthcare. That’s why innocent countries are being attacked by US sanctions and the US military. Even these rich criminals control the US politicians and the justice system just to get what they want… more for them and none for us!  World’s 500 Richest People Gained $1.2 Trillion in Wealth in 2019: Analysis “In the U.S., the richest 0.1% control a bigger share of the pie than at any time since 1929.”  The 500 richest people in the world, all of whom are billionaires, gained a combined $1.2 trillion in wealth in 2019, further exacerbating inequities that have not been seen since the late 1920s. >>>That’s according to a new Bloomberg analysis published Friday, which found that the planet’s 500 richest people saw their collective net worth soar by 25 percent to $5.9 trillion over the last year.

“In the U.S., the richest 0.1 percent control a bigger share of the pie than at any time since 1929,” Bloomberg noted. “The 172 American billionaires on the Bloomberg ranking added $500 billion, with Facebook Inc.’s Mark Zuckerberg up $27.3 billion and Microsoft Corp. co-founder Bill Gates [rising] $22.7 billion.”


Iran Strike Proved Worthlessness of US Military’s Vaunted Tech: American Analyst

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – Iran’s retaliatory strike against a US base in Iraq earlier this month proved the worthlessness of the US military’s vaunted technology, an American political analyst said.


EX-CIA Lawyer: The Soleimani Hit Was a Homicide Under U.S. Criminal Law In bragging that he ordered a successful hit on Iranian Maj. Gen. Qassem Soleimani, President Trump has admitted to killing a senior government official of a sovereign state, Iran, while he was traveling in another sovereign state, Iraq. On its face, his conduct and intent satisfy the elements of premeditated murder under Section 1116 of Title 18 of the United States Criminal Code, “Murder or manslaughter of foreign officials, official guests, or internationally protected persons.”



Who Rules America?

a Sabri 6 hours ago America, Europe, Middle East, Slider Leave a comment 247 Views

A government, whatever its nature, rules as an imperial power over its people. The surest way to exercise this control is to prop up the illusion that it acts in the public interest. Paul Craig Roberts and Alvin Rabushka spelled out this salient fact in the March 1973 issue of Public Choice, in their article “A Diagrammatic Exposition of an Economic Theory of Imperialism,” and what they wrote is no less relevant today.

The act of voting is one of the props that sustains the delusion of self-rule. People do vote, but the candidates are decided by the oligarchy of organized interest groups. This is also the conclusion of a 2014 study by Princeton University professors Martin Gilens and Benjamin I. Page about the extent to which U.S. government policy reflects public preferences. Gilens and Page found that voters are, to all intents and purposes, irrelevant to their own “democratic” government:


Trump Israel deal will fell peace process house of cards

By Omar Karmi

January 24, 2020 “Information Clearing House” -Brace yourselves, here it comes.

After years of mounting excitement, the time is finally ripe. The US administration is going to show its hand and unveil the “closely-held” Ultimate Deal of the Century™ before the main contenders for Israel’s leadership go to Washington on Tuesday.


It’s “a great plan,” according to man-of-the-hour Donald Trump, the US president, neatly dispelling any complaints from moaning snowflakes who keep harping on about rights and history and justice and truth and sustainability and blah, blah, blah.

But what exactly is this great plan?

According to Trump, it’s not what you’ve read already.

Please read this article-sooner or later US Invasion forces are going to be attacked from N-S-E-W and no one with intelligence can out the blame on IR IRAN

How Are Iran and the “Axis of the Resistance” Affected by the US Assassination of Soleimani?

A high-ranking source within this “Axis of the Resistance” said “Sardar Soleimani was the direct and fast track link between the partners of Iran and the Leader of the Revolution Sayyed Ali Khamenei. However, the command on the ground belonged to the national leaders in every single separate country. These leaders have their leadership and practices, but common strategic objectives to fight against the US hegemony, stand up to the oppressors and to resist illegitimate foreign intervention in their affairs. These objectives have been in place for many years and will remain, with or without Sardar Soleimani”.


Donie O’Sullivan and the ‘Garbage State’ of Media

The Disinfo Reporter at the CNN Disinfo Network Strikes out at American Herald Tribune Imagine. CNN has a reporter whose beat is “disinformation.” That’s satire, right? Nope. It’s true. Donie O’Sullivan is CNN’s “disinformation” reporter. CNN’s O’Sullivan has written a smear piece on American Herald Tribune. The disinformation reporter’s effort is, to put it mildly, decidedly disingenuous. One of the many problems with O’Sullivan’s disinfo essay is that he wrote it without even trying to interview the person who has been Editor In Chief of AHT since its inception. I am that person.


Here are 4 steps you can take to convert members of the largest political party in America: Robert Reich

So who are these missing voters? They are Americans who are most affected by decades of a broken political system, economic inequality, and laws designed to make it harder to vote. They are people of color, young people, and people with lower incomes.

Are Trump and his ilk manipulating the markets for personal gain? Investigative business reporter William Cohan lays out the evidence


Media of arrogant powers showing a inverted reality of Iran AhlulBayt News Agency (ABNA): The revered source of emulation emphasized that the unity can’t be achieved without respect for the beliefs of other Islamic denominations during a meeting with the representative of the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution in Hajj and Pilgrimage Affairs.

Grand Ayatollah Naser Makarem Shirazi met with Hujjat al-Islam Abdol-Fattah Navvab, the representative of the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution in Hajj and Pilgrimage Affairs and the guardian of Iranian pilgrims and his accompanying delegation.

At the beginning of the meeting, Hujjat al-Islam Navvab presented a report in regard to the August 2019 Hajj as well as the ongoing plans for the next Hajj [July-August 2020] and Ayatollah Makarem Shirazi described the report as hopeful and wished success for all those involved in Hajj and pilgrimage affairs.


Families in Disbelief After Israeli Army Kills Three Gaza Teens

Hundreds of Thousands of Iraqis Protest Against US Occupation

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January 24, 2020


Pentagon Now Says 34 US Soldiers Suffered Traumatic Brain Injuries in Iran Attack

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January 24, 2020


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January 23, 2020



BAHRAIN: 125 Prisoners to Launch Hunger Strike Amid Scabies Outbreak  21 January 2020 –  125 prisoners detained at building 17 of Bahrain’s Dry Dock Detention Centre will be launching a hunger strike to protest the lack of access to medical care, following an outbreak of the skin disease scabies which has allegedly infected over 50% of inmates, the Bahrain  Institute for Rights and Democracy (BIRD) has learned.

09:10 27-01-2020  Zarif: Trump Admin Has Always Proven Unwillingness to Negotiate


           ➜⇢➤Mainstream Vs. Alternative Media


AH Tribune    20/20



ABNA 24 20/20

ANTI MEDIA 15/20  





Mainstream Vs. Alternative Media


BIRD 20/20




































































































Takfirism Exposed












































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