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Geniuses are Everywhere-We Must Honour and Nurture Children Not Bomb them you KSA/USA/…

With Zero Errors, 8-year-old Mexican Girl Wins World Calculation Championship In China

8-year-old Zury Tlapanco Reyes solved 70 math problems in just two minutes with no errors…all in her head.

“Sentí nervios, pero muy poquitos, no tantos,” the young mathematician told Unicable.

Eight-year-old Zury Tlapanco Reyes, a fourth grader from Altamira, Tamaulipas, has been declared Grand Champion of the 2019 International Mental Arithmetic Competition, reports ForbesMx.

The event, held in Guangzhou, China, was attended by students from around the world, and Zury took first place among them after solving 70 math problems in just two minutes – all in her head. 

“Sentí nervios, pero muy poquitos, no tantos,” the young mathematician told Unicable.

‘Will you come and help?’ Father of Julian Assange on campaign to free his son At 80, John Shipton thought he would be enjoying his retirement, he tells Michael Clifford. Instead, he is touring European capitals campaigning for his son, Wikileaks founder Julian Assange. A parent’s work is never done. John Shipton entering his ninth decade. He’d like to kick back, maybe learn a few recipes, stroll at a leisurely pace towards the declining years. But his son needs him. His son’s health is in serious danger and his future looks dark, with the prospect of spending decades, if not the remainder of his life, in prison.

Iran ranked ninth in world, first in Middle East for artificial intelligence

Nestlé Plans to Plunder 1.1M Gallons a Day from Florida Natural Springs

PALESTINIAN GENOCIDE: 5,100,000 Palestinians have been killed since 1948

Sadly this is a slow genocide of First Nations and it remind us of North America

Drinking water in a remote Aboriginal town on the Nullarbor fringe has now depleted

Clean drinking water is essential for survival — but one South Australian Aboriginal community has now been completely “bone dry” for days.

Israel may shut down its embassy in Dublin Israel is considering closing its embassy in Ireland as part of a cost-cutting plan, according to Israeli media reports.

The Dublin embassy is the only western European mission on a list of seven embassies and consulates listed for closure by the ministry of foreign affairs, the Israeli newspaper Yedioth Aharonoth reported. The others are embassies in Belarus, Eritrea and the Dominican republic, the consulates in Atlanta and Bengaluru and the embassy in either Latvia or Lithuania.

Saudi dissident journalist dies after torture at Al Saud regime’s prison A journalist and writer in Saudi Arabia has reportedly died as a result of torture while in the regime custody as the conservative oil-rich kingdom grapples with an international crisis over the murder of prominent dissident journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

The rights group Prisoners of Conscience, which is an independent non-governmental organization seeking to promote human rights in Saudi Arabia, announced in a post on its official Twitter page that Turki bin Abdulaziz al-Jasser lost his life due to severe torture he was subjected to during criminal investigations at a prison.

The End of Accountable Government Is Close at Hand

Wikileaks is by far the best news organization of our time. To bring it to heel, Washington has persecuted Wikileaks’ founder, Julian Assange, for years.

For about 70 years the CIA has been undermining a free press.  It began with Operation Mockingbird, a Cold War operation against communism.  The CIA recruited journalists into a propaganda network.  The CIA paid journalists to write fake stories or to publish stories written by the CIA in order to control explanations that served the agency’s agendas.


By َQudsN / November 8, 2019

Amman (QNN)- Jordan has officially informed the occupation state that it will prevent Israelis from reaching Baqoura as of Sunday, Israeli media reported on Thursday.

Reporter of Israeli Kan channel quoted Head of the settlements regional council in the Jordan Valley, Idan Greenbaum, who said that “the Jordanians informed me that as of next Sunday November 10 no tours will be held in the Jordanian side of Baqoura”.

Jordan decided to recover Baqoura and Ghumar areas and terminate their lease. Both areas were rented by the occupation state under the peace treaty in 1994.

Max Blumenthal on Baghdadi’s death and Trump’s fake withdrawal in Syria

Gideon Levy 

Chilling Testimony From a 10-year-old Palestinian Boy’s Arrest by Israeli Troops

In hot pursuit of masked youths in a Palestinian town, soldiers arrested, handcuffed and blindfolded 10-year-old Qusay al-Jaar, then took him away to be interrogated. He, his father and cousin recall the ordeal

He’s a fifth-grader, 10 years old, with a speech impediment that constantly hampers him. He is the eldest of the four siblings in his family. Their home is small and cramped, located deep within the town of Beit Ummar, between Bethlehem and Hebron.

MEDIAJune 24, 2019

NY Times admits it sends stories to US government for approval before publication The New York Times casually acknowledged that it sends major scoops to the US government before publication, to make sure “national security officials” have “no concerns.”

By Ben Norton

US congressional panel outlines next phase of dirty war on Syria: Occupy oil fields and block reconstruction

Syrian Ministry of Education managed to restore and rehabilitate 1554 schools and set the plans to rehabilitate 1000 other schools achieving 90% of the current plan thus far. 10,000 teaching jobs to be added in a month from now.

In a review presented during a debate called for by members of the Syrian Parliament, Minister of Education Mr. Imad Azab answered a host of inquiries put forward by the MPs some of which pressing about the situation of education and schools in Hasakah province living under the Erdogan regime’s aggression.

Just Smile and Laugh to this- Companies are Threats to Democracy…Companies and Banks own Lobbyist and Lobbyist own US

Rich Americans Are Interfering in Our Elections Amazon’s efforts to manipulate Seattle’s city council race show that wealthy individuals and companies are threats to democracy.

For the first time in history, Russia to invest $8 billions in Pakistan: Report

Who is the Center of Evil (Home of warmongers/war criminals, Neocons, KKK)

Pentagon Claims US Authority to Shoot Any Syrian Govt Official Who Tries to Take Control of Syrian Oil

“This is not a new mission.”


Andrea Germanos, staff writer

The Kafr Qasem Massacre: Palestinians Deserve More Than an Annual Commemoration

The police searched among the bodies and, if they discovered that someone was still alive, killed him or her by shooting again. In some cases, the police stomped on the heads of the dead and sunk they bayonets in the bodies of the women.”

Civilised Society an expert on False Flag making and right now they are working on a dozen more
By Prof Michel Chossudovsky

Global Research, April 12, 2018

Global Research 8 April 2017

Washington’s False Flag: United Nations Confirmed that US Supported Syrian “Rebels” Were Using Chemical Weapons

BraveCourageous, Dauntless, Daring Anti War MIKO

We Have to Rid the World of Zionism, Racism, Fascism, Terrorism, ISIS, KSA, MKO/MEK.. Paedophilia…They Are Disease of Our World We Must Unite

“Miko Peled an Israeli general’s son and himself a former Israeli soldier, is nowadays a noted peace activist and a tireless worker for justice in the Holy Land. He is considered to be one of the clearest voices calling for support of BDS (Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions) against the Zionist regime and for the creation of a single democracy with equal rights on all of historic Palestine.”

Oh my gosh, this is wild, I didn’t have a clue about this-Wow, I can’t believe it-I had no idea. I am so excited! Unbelievable, I never expected it awesome- You guys are great, thanks for all of this. Wake up Wake up Blind Sheep

“Holocaust Training” for Tampa, Florida Police

Jones says
Blop Jones
23 hours ago This is getting beyond comprehension…

The Most Interesting Man On Youtube
1 day ago

Here we go things are getting more serious by day Show us the YOU TUBE

Israeli occupation forces wound 104 peaceful protesters in GazaSince the start of the Great March of Return protests on 30 March 2018, the Israeli occupation forces have killed 334 Palestinians and injured about 32,500.

WhatsApp spygate: India Today tracked down the Israel firm NSO in Israel only to find that it had changed its office. WhatsApp downloads in India are down by 80 per cent after the scandal about security breach broke last week, putting NSO and malware Pegasus in the spotlight.

Rabbi “Holocaust denier” … No. Not a death wish. Just very

Many artifacts looted by ISIS from Syria and Iraq are stored to be sold later at auction houses

During Puppet Shah’s time Iran was one of the biggest Cask Machine for the West-This Cash Machine has been closed down since 1979.

Iran Finds New Oil Reserve of Massive Size

TEHRAN (FNA)- The National Iranian Oil Company Exploration Directorate (NIOCEXP) has discovered a huge oil reserve with more than 50 billion barrels of crude, said President Hassan Rouhani on Sunday. The workers of the National Iranian Oil Company Exploration Directorate, after years of efforts, particularly since 3 years ago, have managed to discover a giant oil field, President Rouhani said this morning, while addressing people who welcomed his visit to the desert city of Yazd in central Iran.

NY rabbi: ‘Not even 1 million’ Jews killed in Holocaust

Yosef Mizrachi claims high assimilation rates inflated estimates; ‘he doesn’t know what he’s talking about,’ historian says

Payback? The arrest of Max Blumenthal

The way Blumenthal’s arrest was handled should send a chill down our collective spines because it shows a widening war on left-wing journalists and whistle-blowers that is remarkably resilient to changes in government.

Syria Calls on Civilized World to Intervene in Turkey Cultural Aggression

The Politicians both Black or white most thug on the planet ….Kennedy and

Obama, Blair…… Bribery six digits or more on the deferred payment plan and the bailouts keep giving! And after all that we name it Democracy Obama paid $600,000 for a single speech

By Trévon Austin

Pathologist Says Epstein Murdered

“… “I’ve not seen in 50 years where that occurred in a suicidal hanging case,” he said.

…Baden is considered by many to be a legend among medical examiners. He has examined more than 20,000 bodies and hosted HBO’s “Autopsy” television series that explored in-depth medical exams around the country. …”

Most of us are now aware that we constantly receive micro-targeted advertisements in our social media feeds based on our interests, location or habits. Those in the vegan community are no exception. However, an increasing number of promoted posts targeted at vegans on apps like Facebook or Twitter are clearly Israeli Defense Force (IDF) propaganda. Most of these are videos discussing, in English, how accommodating to the plant-based lifestyle the IDF is and how easy it is to be a vegan soldier.

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