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Global Research The Ever-Growing List of ADMITTED False Flag Attacks 




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MeWe allows FILES upload >>>Western Democracy PART 1 to PART 6

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Western Democracy

What is Yours is Mine and What is Mine is Mine  

OR Chose Starvation>>>Starvation Sanctions Are Worse Than Overt Warfare

Russia backs IR Iran against Trump’s provocations and ///. Washington spy drone was in Iranian air space and, on the tanker sabotage, US information “in a bid to prove IR IRAN’s guilt, was i.e. not credible. Sputnik

PHOTO USA 26 06 2019

United Nations
Published on 24 Jun 2019 SUBSCRIBE 402K

Informal comments to the media by Mr. Majid Takht-Ravanchi , the Permanent Representative of Iran to the United Nations, on the situation in Iran.

Tensions between Iran and the US have intensified since Tehran downed an American drone, which as Iran said, had violated the country’s borders. Washington, meanwhile, has accused Tehran of allegedly attacking oil tankers in the Gulf of Oman, something that the Islamic Republic denies doing.

As Trump Imposes New Sanctions, Iran Says U.S. Has “Permanently Closed Path to Diplomacy”

The USA, KSA, MEK with Israel, collectively as a team are staging false flag attacks just to blame Iran. There’s no doubts about it PIECES OF DRONE were in Iranian water. If pieces were in International water either USA or Puppet regimes in the area would have collected the pieces to display in UN as evidence. I have no doubts that the drone was in Iran’s airspace do you have any doubt say it. PHOTOS USA 1 2 3

Wahabie Takfiri Terrorist Sociopath and rapist vanished into thin air …how?

Germany loses track of 160 ‘Islamic State’ supporters

About 1,000 Germans traveled to the Middle East to join the ‘Islamic State’ after 2013. A third of them have since returned to Germany. Some died on the battlefield, others are in prison, but many appear to be missing.    1,000 German rapist, terrorists joined DAESH in Syria and Iraq, well bad 300+ returned to Gemany to…, 160 likely dead. Chechens, Saudis, Uyghurs, Uzbeks, etc FIND THEM THAY ARE SOCIOPATH RAPIST…

Trump Crazy. No future plans. He is going to cause the end of the world start ww3..haven’t you killed enough 18Million Direst Indirect since  9/11

Trump says he has no ‘exit strategy’ if US goes to war with Iran

Tehran says US sanctions ‘mentally retarded’ and mark end of diplomacy

Middle East analyst: Iran negotiating with US would be ‘political suicide’

Sadly the web is down again…well we know who is behind it >>>As Trump locks refugee children in cages and contemplates bombing Iran on top of the sanctions he’s imposed, the UN reports that Iran is one of only a few countries to provide comprehensive medical insurance for refugees…   >>>Iran is also home to 3 million refugees (one million “registered”) compared to only about 280,000 in the US.

Bolton Keeps Trying to Goad Iran Into War

Throughout its history, America has attacked countries that did not threaten it.

This leaked audio allegedly shows MEK terrorists colluding with Saudi (they’re funded by Saudi) to attack oil tankers in Persian Gulf and blame Iran.

This is the same organization that pays Bolton to champion regime change in Iran.

Audio hasnt been independently verified.

Watching the Trump administration’s push for war with Iran, news consumers may find it hard to be surprised by the lengths the U.S. government is willing to go to in order to instigate war — or regime change at the very least — against the Islamic Republic. U.S. citizens have been treated to lengthy lectures by the mainstream media, which laments the loss of an unmanned drone and a targeted Japanese oil tanker whose owner disputesWashington’s version of events. 

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