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Assange is Reportedly Gravely Ill, and Hardly Anyone’s Talking About It

As US ramps up military force, Iran shows leadership with regional diplomacy

By Finian Cunningham

May 28, 2019 “Information Clearing House” –  When history of the present US-Iran stand-off in the Persian Gulf is written, future scholars may note how it was Tehran that saved the day from full-scale war by its responsible diplomatic outreach to regional neighbors.

This weekend saw the usual feckless American vacillations resulting in even more military power being deployed in the Middle East where US troops already number some 70,000.

President Donald Trump has dispatched more squadrons of fighter jets, warships and missiles which he says are for “protection” against alleged Iranian threats. He also signed off $7 billion in arms sales to Saudi Arabia citing “an emergency.” Tehran condemned the latest US force escalation as “highly dangerous.”

It’s hard to predict what will happen in the oil market as the U.S. sanctions on Iran tighten. For now, it looks like India, Japan, South Korea and Turkey will…

The World: What is Really Happening

By Craig Murray

May 28, 2019 “Information Clearing House” – If you want to understand what is really happening in the world today, a mid-ranking official named Ian Henderson is vastly more important to you than Theresa May. You will not, however, find anything about Henderson in the vast majority of corporate and state media outlets.

Iran refutes Saudi FM accusations against Iran

Syria in Past 24 Hours: Ankara Sends Advanced Military Equipment to Terrorists in Idlib

‘Deal of the Century’ Will Never Be Realized: Ayatollah Khamenei

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei said the so-called peace plan devised by Washington and its cronies for the Middle East would fail and “will be never realized”.

Iran and U.S. game, chicken game or prisoner’s dilemma?

Trump’s behavior towards Iran is something like this game. On another hand, Trump in this game has tried to pretend himself an unpredictable and moody person who might behave in various ways (Madman Theory). In this way, his baselessness words mostly seem realistic rather than a bluff.

Chicken game is an effective model for studying intersections of two players in Game theory. The worst result is gained when none of two players – who are not inclined to give up – stop fighting. I this game two drivers with high speed drive towards each other, one of them must deviate from the way otherwise they will clash with each other and will be killed. The driver that has deviated from the way because of being coward is called Chicken and is the loser and the driver who still remains in the path is the winner.

Amid grave concerns for his health, Assange transferred to Belmarsh Prison medical wing

May 28, 2019

‘It Makes a Hell of a Lot More Sense to Negotiate Sharing Technology, Rather Than Locking It Down’

CounterSpin interview with Dean Baker on Trump’s trade war

President Trump is Pardoning War Criminals as He Prosecutes Whistleblowers

Don’t be fooled: Media is still selling out Assange

Abuses show Assange case was never about law

27 May 2019

It is astonishing how often one still hears well-informed, otherwise reasonable people say about Julian Assange: “But he ran away from Swedish rape charges by hiding in Ecuador’s embassy in London.” That short sentence includes at least three factual errors. In fact, to repeat it, as so many people do, you would need to have […]

The western media is key to Syria deceptions

WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump has already made clear his soft spot for war criminals, having brought one – Elliot Abrams – into his administration. Then, earlier this month, Trump pardoned Army First Lieutenant Michael Behenna. Now, reports indicate Trump is just getting started.

And while Trump appears to be making moves to pardon more war criminals, those who have exposed war crimes, including whistleblower Chelsea Manning and journalist Julian Assange, are charged with contempt of court and espionage.

The hangman of the Middle East: US-backed regime in Egypt hands down nearly 2,500 death sentences

How Saudi Arabia is losing the war in Yemen

FBI Evidence Shows That Israel Knew About 9/11 Before It Happened 

The tale of 9/11 will just not go away, largely because it is clear to anyone who reads the lengthy 9/11 Commission Report that many issues that should have been subject to inquiry were ignored for what would appear to be political reasons. The George W. Bush Administration quite obviously did not want to assume any blame for what had happened and that bias also extended to providing cover for U.S. “allies,” most particularly Saudi Arabia and Israel. Those who have sought the truth about 9/11 have been persistent in their attempts to find out information that was suppressed but they have been blocked repeatedly in spite of numerous FOIA requests.

Group Demands to Know: Who at Trump’s EPA Decided to Slash Funds Used to Protect Children From Toxic Poisoning?

Published on Wednesday, May 29, 2019 by Common Dreams

‘Criminalizing Compassion’: Trial Begins for Humanitarian Facing 20 Years in Prison for Giving Water to Migrants in Arizona Desert

“If Dr. Warren were convicted and imprisoned on these absurd charges, he would be a prisoner of conscience.”

Veterans Were Silenced for 50 Years. Now, They’re Talking.

May 27, 2019 | 751 videos 

Video by Morgan Knibbe

Nearly everyone who’s seen it and lived to tell the tale describes it the same way: a horrifying, otherworldly thing of ghastly beauty that has haunted their life ever since.

“The colors were beautiful,” remembers a man in Morgan Knibbe’s short documentary The Atomic Soldiers. “I hate to say that.”

Man sets himself on fire near White House

WATCH: Head of Russia Today Explains Why Assange Is the Greatest Journalist of Our Time

ATLANTA– CNN has had a difficult few weeks, with scandals ranging from false reporting in order to boost ratings to blackmailing a private citizen who created a meme lampooning the network. As a result, CNN has seen a massive drop in its prime-time ratings, suggesting that its viewership is shrinking amid the controversy.

Now, yet another controversy for the embattled network has come to light in the making of its award-winning “Undercover in Syria” documentary.

Syria sanctions indirectly hit children’s cancer treatment

Terrorists Don’t Have Heavy Weapons Unless They Are Backed by Governments

Malaysia’s Mahathir backs Huawei, snubbing US blacklist of Chinese telecoms giant

  • The Southeast Asian nation’s prime minister has suggested the Trump administration’s campaign against the firm is hypocritical
  • Kuala Lumpur has a two-decade relationship with Huawei and will not blindly follow Washington, experts say

The Human Costs of the Nationalist Agendas of Trump and Brexit

I have a friend, a top British engineer, who has worked for years for a German car-manufacturing giant. He recently got a job offer in Michigan. The job involved the German car company and a large American engineering company cooperating to develop radically new technology. The Germans, however, made a strategic decision to pull their investments from the United States. My friend lost his job after 10 days in the United States. In those 10 days, he managed to rent an apartment for a year and buy a new car. He lost about $20,000. 

Israeli ‘intelligence’ is fostering US bellicosity toward Iran — but ‘quietly’

News > Ecuador

Correa Accuses Officials in Ecuador and Facebook for Closing His Account

More than 200 tornadoes devastated the Midwest over 13 days. Why?

‘Grave concerns’: Assange can barely talk, moved to prison hospital, says WikiLeaks

Syria Kurds handed over 148 Uzbek Islamic State women, children: officials

Iraq hands over 188 Turkish children of suspected Islamic State members

Germany to condemn BDS movement as ‘anti-Semitic’

Michigan Court: It’s Not Child Neglect To Withhold Medical Care Because Of Religious Beliefs

Fighting for Colonial Footprints: a Very British Thing

US Master Weaver of False Flags Uses Threadbare Material

May 29, 2019

The lie over the Douma chemical weapons incident, just like many other such incidents in the past such as in East Ghouta in 2013 and presently in Idlib, is an expedient for the US and its allies to demonize the Syrian government and its Russian ally.

The Emperor’s New Palestine

Jonathan Ofir on May 24, 2019

The deal of the century in the 1900s was the Balfour Declaration, which recognized Zionist colonization of Palestine, and Trump’s deal of the 21st century only continues that process, by giving Israel the right to annex portions of the West Bank and confine Palestinians to Bantustans.

Palestinian Authority financial crisis deepens as Trump’s ‘deal of the century’ looms

Despite Palestinian boycott, UAE and Saudi Arabia to attend US-led conference in Bahrain

Countries helping transfer terrorists from Syria to Libya: Jaafari

Pregnant Women Subjected to Deadly Working Conditions in India’s Tea Farms

Read More:

Anti-war activists protest eviction of Venezuela embassy protectors

Former Israeli Defense Minister Confirms Israeli Collaboration with ISIS in Syria 

‘This is not sustainable:’ Analysis shows massive gap between CEO and workers’ pay is getting worse

Ann Arbor (Informed Comment) – Trump said in Japan that he is not looking for regime change in Iran.

Trump said at a news conference with Japanese Prime Minister ABE Shinzo, “We aren’t looking for regime change – I just want to make that clear. We are looking for no nuclear weapons. I really believe that Iran would like to make a deal, and I think that’s very smart of them, and I think that’s a possibility to happen. It has a chance to be a great country with the same leadership.”

Trump breached the treaty the US and other members of the UN Security Council signed with Iran in 2015, which aimed precisely at forestalling Iran from having nuclear weapons.

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